How to Use Lasers as Cat Toys

Laser pointers have been a dependable asset for business and amusement throughout the past decade. But their ability to double as pet entertainment is rarely mentioned. The ease of projecting the glowing red dot into distant corners of a room is sure to get your cat galloping with excitement. Though certain precautions must be taken, laser pointers are a safe, high-tech way to replace the old ball of yarn or toy fish pole with a 21st century upgrade.

Laser pointers carry a number of advantages over traditional cat toys. With no plastic and no string, these tools are far easier to manipulate. Laser pointers run less risk of creating a mess or a hazard for your cat too. Felines are notoriously rough players the longer they chase or battle an object. They can make quick work of even the most durable cat toys. Laser pointers resolve this problem by functioning as the eternal prey that can never be fully caught and ripped apart.

The easiest way to enjoy laser pointer play with your cat is by moving the laser around a wide open space. Only move it onto chairs or walls if you want your cat to follow. There's no stopping your pet once they get fixated on the red dot! Cats can potentially be led around in a frenzy for a half hour or more. For safety reasons, you should turn off the laser pointer and give them a rest for every few minutes of intense play though.

A couple other concerns are worth noting before deciding if a laser pointer is right for your cat. First, not all felines are able to see the laser. This is really quite random and has to the do with the physiological makeup of their eye. It's a genetic difference, much like a cat's tail, ears, color, etc. So, be prepared for the eventuality that one or more of your cats will not be able to see the dot. Also, never shine the laser directly into their eyes. Like humans, prolonged laser exposure to the retina can cause serious damage.

Mixing common sense with modern technology should allow your pet a real treat that promotes good exercise and a closer bond with you. Laser pointers are often cheap, if not cheaper, than regular cat toys. They will never need to be replaced from rough play either. For this reason, the devices are a win-win, saving you time and giving you the privilege of seeing your cat go wild.