The emergency room of the hospital for sick children can be a difficult place when sick children are forced to wait for treatment from a doctor or physician. You may want to read on for a few ideas on how to humor your sick child. The below ideas may come in handy, especially if you are forced to take a young sibling to the hospital for sick children.

Things You Will Need


Step 1

Be prepared to wait with your uncomfortable child in the hospital for sick children. Pack a bag with juice, water, crayons, coloring books, notebooks, and crackers to take to the emergency room. Some items for the child that is ill and some for the healthy child. Put anything that is remotely distracting to a kid in your emergency room bag.

Step 2

Entertain your child. In the waiting room of the hospital for sick children, do not be afraid to entertain your child that is ill, even if others are able see you being silly with your child. I blew up rubber gloves, recalling the episode of SpongeBob where he carried a blown up rubber glove as a balloon to entertain my daughter. My unhealthy daughter seemed to enjoy the association and my son thought I had the most fascinating idea ever.

Step 3

Use your crayons. Since you brought your crayons use them, do not expect a sick child to be creative and entertain him or herself. You are there to support your unhealthy child and distract him/her from being uncomfortable. Ask the hospital for sick children's nurse or doctor if it is okay if you take a couple of those sticks that they use to check your throat when you are sick. Make people by coloring the sticks. I decided to make SpongeBob Square Pants and his friend Patrick. I colored the sticks the appropriate color and made faces on them. My children enjoyed this as well. I made the characters talk to my child and to each other, this made her laugh even with high fever and a temperature of 105.

Step 4

Do not be afraid to get the emergency room nurse's attention to get assistance in making your child more comfortable. If your kid is thirsty ask for a drink of water or a popsicle. The nurses and doctors of the hospital for sick children are there to help make your child feel well. If it is going to help them feel better than ask for whatever it is that your child is requesting. Plan ahead for when your child is no longer ill. If your child has to miss school for illness, be sure to find out the sick day policy from the school district. Ask the attending doctor at the hospital for sick children for an excuse of absence from school for your child.


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