Entertainers? Well just what is an entertainer?

An entertainer is basically someone who tries to amuse or please you. There are many forms of entertainment such as comedy, dance, theatre, music and the arts. This list is not exhaustive though.

Therefore, an entertainer will aim to amuse you by, for example, making you laugh or enabling you to follow a story. Back in medieval England Jesters offered entertainment. These were probably one of the earliest forms of British entertainers. A jester would occasionally sing and play an instrument but more often than not, he would supply some welcome comedy. Today it is often circus clowns, who supply such laughter.

In the 21st Century, many of our well-known entertainers are known in the field of television, theatre or film. That said though, for those who love to watch a sporting event, such as a football match, the players are the entertainers, as the crowd who watch the game are thoroughly entertained.

From Rock Bands to Comedians to Film Actors to Dance Troupes and beyond. Sit back, enjoy their work and let them entertain you.


Gone are the days when a comedian would simply tell jokes, about the wife or the mother-in-law, for example. Modern comedians usually rely on seeing the funny side of life and often simply relate their experiences.

Scottish comedian Billy Connolly has become famous around the world. He is just one of those people who seem to have "funny bones". Love him or loathe him he is a larger than life character who pulls in the crowds. His hilarious stories sometimes centre on the hardship he encountered as a child. It may be a serious subject but Billy certainly sees the funny side of his experiences. Whether he appears on television or the stage, he is sure to entertain his fans.

Behind many comedians, there is often sadness. The smile often hides a sad or lonely individual.


From Shakespearean plays to horror movies, good actors entertain us. They can evoke laughter, tears, fear and more with words or action. As they entertain us we are caught up in the story so much, it is as if it is real.

This can mean that fun films such as Mama Mia The Musical take us away from our cares and woe to a fun filled place of entertainment.


Music is so varied, especially these days. Some listeners have eclectic taste and enjoy an array of sounds whilst others only like rock, pop or classical music for example. Never disregard the power of music. A beautiful voice joined with a fine piece of music can stir your very soul. Music may demand that you tap your feet, dance or sing along but whatever effect it has on you it will be entertaining.


Entertainment is a big part of our modern lives. Games and computers offer entertainment but this involves action on your part. Many good entertainers work hard to entertain and all we need to do is sit back and enjoy. Now that is what I call entertainment.