Today's world is full of millions of ways to make us detach from our daily lives and step into a new world, a fantasy world where all of our worries and daily problems disappear. This is where entertainment comes in and in a world where vibrant colors and sharp, detailed images are at their peak, it is easy to get this whim of ours well taken care of. The questions many of us are asking ourselves are what is entertainment? What is it that can qualify as entertaining and why do we need to be entertained?
These questions certainly can be found in many people's minds and it is pretty sure the fact that they cannot answer them too well.

One of the main reasons people choose it is because it acts as a substitute action. This is why when you are watching a good movie, a soap opera or TV show that you like, you feel very connected with the entire action on the set and you have a good grasp of what is happening there and can also predict and quantify the possibility for certain dissonances in the plot. Thus people can be let in on different emotions like adultery, the feeling of joy, the feeling of making someone happy and many more without being directly implied in the action.

This is where empathy comes in and it is very important when it comes to consuming television programs in the right way. Long story cut short, you get to feel things. Many renowned researchers state that there are people that can understand and interact with the world around them even better and more intense using their feelings. But feeling something when disconnected from the real world can also have certain disadvantages to it, and one of them is taking risks. If you get to lose this ability you will have a lot of trouble dealing with people in reality. Television can really be a good way to detach from the real world's problems, but overall it is a dangerous environment if you are not ready for it properly.

All in all detaching from reality through TV or other such means can help an individual feel better by having a hypnotic effect to the human mind. That's why it must be considered very good before introduced into one's life, especially if we are talking about children. We all know what happened during the Sesame Street experiment and having that happen to our children is not something any parent would be dying for.