The DeWalt DCD760KL half inch, eighteen volt, cordless compact lithium-ion drill driver kit. With this drill you have a dual speed motor. The speed range you’ve got is 0 - 500 rpm and 0 - 1700 rpm. With the half inch chuck you have 17 clutch settings and the rechargeable lithium ion batteries last a very long time. It measures less than eight a half inches and weighs about 4 pounds. It is because the drill is powered by lithium ion batteries which are long lasting and give reliable performance, it weighs less than it would if you had a nickel cadmium batteries in the drill.

DeWalt DrillIt Is All About The Battery Power

The battery is a good size at eighteen volts and gives us a lot of power and lasts just about all day long. Charge time is excellent and the long life of the battery allows you to get through the day with just the original battery and seldom you have to put in the spare.

When recharging the batteries, if the recharge time is too fast it is not good for them. With a lithium-ion battery it could even catch fire. It is recommended that you give a battery about 30 minutes to cool down before you take battery off the charger, to use in the drill. If you’ve got a bigger battery and more efficient hole cutter or drill, the longer the drill will last on the job and fewer spare batteries that it will need.

Also because of the compact and lightweight type of drill that is it means that you can work with it for longer and not get so tired by having to use a heavy drill. You are able to work all day if you need to, without having excessive strain on your hands, arms or your wrists, and that should help boost your productivity. Because it is a small drill it makes it easy for you to get into tight spaces, like inside a closet or even under the sink.

Make Comparisons With Other Manufacturers Drills

If in the past you have had problems on the Milwaukee 18 volt drills or with the gearbox of the Makita drills. Then the lithium ion powered drills, that you get with DeWalt, might be worth giving a serious try. Users of the DEWALT DC970K-2 18-Volt Drill/Driver Kithave said that it has plenty of power and that the hammer action is good enough to drill a 3/8 inch hole and the torque is good enough to be able to drill a 6 inch hole with a hole saw.

There is a side handle which can be tightened in any position, same as if you are using a Bosch or a Makita drill. Unfortunately there is no depth rod so you know how far to drill into a wall or a piece of wood or other object, there doesn’t seem to be a way to attach one later either. This will be one thing to check on other drills when you are weighing up which brand or model to buy.

When you put in the drill bits and you need to securely tighten them, you need to use a high clutch setting. If you do not tighten the drill bits tight enough they could come loose.

Enthusiastic DIY Person Or Professional Usage For The DeWalt Drill

For working on the average home DIY projects the DCD760 from DeWalt will most likely be all you need. Then for professional use there is the DCD970 and it could be worth the extra cost and the extra weight. With the professional model you get a better grade gearbox and clutch and it comes with Nickel Cadmium batteries. That model is also heavier, so you will have to factor that in to your pros and cons list.

One thing you should understand about the lithium ion batteries, is that they work differently from the nickel cadmium batteries, they go 100% until they are done, and when there is not enough power left, they just stop completely. No signs, like slowing down, to let you know the battery is not fully fit for work any more. And then you have to just change the battery.

One neat little trick that you see in these DeWalt drills is a small LED task light which shines in under where you are drilling and it helps you to see what you’re doing - brilliant.

Drill BitsBuying A Set Of Drill Bits To Go With The DeWalt Electric Hand Drill

DEWALT DW1956 Pilot Point Twist Drill Bit Assortment, 16-Piece. These drill bits have the no spin shank which is to stop the bit from spinning in the chuck. According to the specifications they are designed so that when you are breaking through to the other side of the object you are drilling, it is less likely to lock up.

The drill bits come in a handy plastic case and some people prefer the length of the shank being longer than you find on other drill bits. You can use the drills to bore through wood, a quarter of an inch steel plate and plastics. There is a pilot point on the drills that will help you make sure you get a straight, clean and accurate drilled hole. You may need to be very careful with some drill holes as some users of the drill bits have said that the bits are too rough with the wood.

A Fastener Set To Accompany The DeWalt Drill.

The DeWalt DW2163HEX 37-Piece Fastener-Set has a standard range of phillips head and slotted bits and tips, some power bits, square recess bits and some nut drivers. I would be more likely to use a drill like this for a lot of screwdriver work, at least as much, if not more than drilling holes. Having a hex wrench set and a magnetic extension are essential tools for your tool box. Good to be organised too, with having all these there in one locking case, so that you can easily find them amongst all the other tools. Much better than having them rolling around loose where you can’t find them.

Some of the bits are duplicated, because we all know that some types and sizes get used more than others, so it is actually a very good idea to have extras in the box. Note that the bits are well set into the holders and you might struggle a little to get them out if you have large fatter fingers. Better than them falling out easily and getting lost.