Entrepreneurship means to go into business for yourself. It can be a home based business, or a franchise, or a business you start up yourself. Mostly it refers to the fact that you can be your own boss. Some of these business opportunities are pyramid based, meaning you make more money from signing up other people than from delivering products and services. Amway and Avon come to mind. These outfits are sometimes referred to as "pyramid schemes."

Its not illegal to make money off of signing up other people. It's just demoralizing. Be prepared to hear a lot of "nos" from your friends and family, and a lot of pressure from your franchise base. Some of them, like Excel, can be almost cult like in how they encourage members to attend regular meetings. In their defense, phone service is a regular product. They are correct in pointing out every one buys it. If you can keep a steady stable of customers, and ensure your downline does the same, there's more predictability to that than re-selling soap or make-up. Nonetheless, the commission is a tiny fraction of a small bill.

Owning a McDonald's franchise would cost more money, require more work, and support a family. There are other franchises available. Use a search engine to find what's available. Pick a business you like. You'll be immersed in it. So much easier to smile and fry a hamburger if you actually enjoy cooking. Don't do anything you hate. There are home based businesses that don't require bank loans. The cheapest ones to start are service oriented.

If you like animals consider putting up a few signs for dog walking, or pet sitting. Once you've built up a book of business you can offer side services such as pet exercising (take the dog on your ten mile jog), house sitting, or grooming. Dog grooming does require some skills and equipment. Which you can purchase and upgrade as you go along. Another similar service is house cleaning. Some people prefer you use their products, so you can start even before you buy a commercial vacuum or expensive cleaning supplies.

Baby sitting may be the realm of teenagers, but full time child care is for adults. If you offer games or stories or put play equipment in your backyard you can charge more. Elder care is another business that requires little by way of start up funds. If you type well you can offer to type term papers, advertising near colleges or universities.

The ultimate home based business is rentals. You can rent a room in your house even if you don't have the money to purchase an apartment building.