What is an entryway console table?

Entryway console tables can be a beautiful and inexpensive way to add both character and functionality to your entry way. Although they are sometimes referred to as foyer console tables, the purpose is still the same. A console table can be any piece of furniture that is much wider than it is deep. They are generally long and narrow tables placed up against a wall or behind a sofa to add functionality to an otherwise useless narrow space.

The benefits of a console table include adding personality to your foyer. Entryway console tables are a great place to add flowers, decorations, or even photos because they make use of the space that guests are greeted with when they visit your home. Rather than visitors being greeted with a blank wall or hallway, imagine showing off your favorite bouquet of flowers, surrounded by pictures of your family.

Entryway console tables also provide great functionality and purpose. Never run late for a meeting or date again when you can't find your keys by putting a key bowl on your new teak console table. Have peace of mind knowing where your keys are at all times. Additionally many console tables have storage and drawer options underneath the table surface giving you ways to organize the clutter in your house.

Types of entryway console tables:

One of the best parts about console tables is that there is a seemingly unlimited number of styles, options, and designs made to fit any budget. Some of the most popular types of entryway console tables are:

Contemporary Console TableContemporary console tables:

Contemporary console tables are usually identified by either a sleek metallic look, or their abstract design. Brushed aluminum and stainless steel are very popular in contemporary console tables, as well as curved and half moon shapes.

Elegant Console TableElegant console tables:

Elegant console tables can be any type of long and narrow table that evokes feelings of luxury and class. Popular examples of elegance are teak console tables, or ones made with solid oak, cherry or mahogany. Elegant console tables can be extremely expensive because they usually require higher quality materials, hand made craftsmanship, and attention to detail. They will often have many different sized drawers, hand turned legs, complex trim, and sometimes a marble top.

Linea Console TableCheap console tables:

Some prefer to call them "classic", but however you choose to word it, cheap console tables like like those made by Linea, are for people who want to make use of the wasted space in their foyer, but don't want to shell out hundreds of dollars for the privilege. You can find cheap Linea console tables for under $100 that provide the same functionality and decorating options without the expensive custom designs. For the most part, these will be simple rectangle designs with no drawers or custom trim.

If you are looking for a way to brighten up your entryway, a console table can be a perfect way to accent a normally dull narrow space. With the unlimited styles, uses, and prices, you can find a entryway console table that is sure to fit perfectly in your home.