An environment is everything and every action that surrounds everything else. It can be a native forest, the den of an animal, home of a person, or where a person works.

The Natural Environment

When people talk about the environment they are often referring to the natural environment. This is how the world is or would be without being impacted by man. This includes the air, land, and sea. Nature is a beautiful thing but a pristine natural environment is very hard to find except for the most rugged and remote areas of the planet.

The Home Environment

Everybody has a home and whether that home is a mansion or a stack of newspapers under a bridge it will affect a person's physical and emotional well-being. The home environment includes the structure itself, the air, water, and the people who inhabit the home. The nature over nurture debate delves into the psychology and parenting techniques of family interactions and how they affect the children of the home.

The Work Environment

The environment that a person works in can play a huge role in all aspects of a person's life. A person's work environment includes the structure that they work in, the safety procedures, and co-worker and employer interactions. People spend a good portion of their day in their place of employment and that has an effect on them and their families.

The Urban Environment

Neighborhoods in large cities are called urban environments. These environments exclude much of the natural environment. The land is concrete, the air is smog, and the mountains are skyscrapers. The urban environment is a place that is unique to man. When people live so close together there can be friction and this is most easily seen in the urban environment. Water quality, waste removal, and air quality are of special consideration to people who live in this type of environment.

Some parts of the environment seem more important than others but all play a role in the lives of every living creature on this planet.