Environmentalism is the practice of living while having the least impact on the environment. It is a frequent call of many activism groups and the Green Movement is gaining both power and financial support.

The environment is impacted at all levels of society from the individual to large factories. All aspects of the day to day lives of the people of this planet in some way shape the current and future environmental state.

The factors that the individual contribute include consumption and waste. Every item that is consumed by a person must be manufactured by either an industrial or agricultural business which in turn also consumes the resources of the planet and excretes wasteful by-products.

The use of non-renewable fuels to power the homes, places of work, and modes of transportation are one of the main causes of both consumption of the Earth's resources and waste in the form of carbon gasses which pollute the atmosphere. Alternative fuels are being looked at to replace the current method of internal combustion for powering vehicles.

We cannot have a zero impact on the environment but it is possible to work toward having a smaller impact than we do. Simple techniques to reduce the damage a person does to the planet include saving water, power, and recycling as much waste as possible.

Water and power can be saved by investing in energy and water efficient household appliances and recycling can reduce much of the waste that is contributed by a household. Buying products from "green" companies is a good way to encourage environmentally sound practices in industry.

Environmentalism means many things to many different people. It can be a calling, a practical way of life, or the beginnings of a cult like way life. The more personally an individual may take the health of the planet the more passionate they may become about saving it.

This is the only planet we have and many people believe that we have a responsibility to maintain it to the best of our ability others believe that the Earth is here for us to exploit. Each person must make their own determination as to the amount of impact they would like to have on the environment as a whole.

Some aspects of environmentalism include the search for sustainable resources, global warming, lessening the amount of pollution that is produced, and recycling as much waste as possible. Each of these segments of environmentalism plays a vital role in maintaining the longevity of the planet on which we reside.