Epic Mickey is one of Warren Specters new endeavors. An upcoming Nintendo Wii exclusive that will surely catch the world by surprise, in terms of gaming anyway. Though just suggested as a rumor, it was confirmed by the release of concept art regarding the game, which shows an exclusive and interesting art direction. Though there is not much information on this game, there is something known about it that you may find useful to know.

Here is Epic Mickey Detailed, for those of you looking forward to it. You should be interested in it, because the story line is actually quite interesting. You are a Disney character that is looking to dethrone Mickey from his throne of prestige. This game makes extensive use of the WiiMote, which is why the developers made clear that it will stay a Nintendo Wii exclusive. You will be given the ability to create and erase things with your paint brush, being controlled by the WiiMote.

It is not yet known if this means it will be an Okami like game. Meaning, who knows if you will be running around and using your paint brush to thwart your enemies, or if it will be some sort of game where you have to draw a path or protect your character from enemies using the WiiMote. But whatever it is, I am hoping that this game will be action packed and will be more interesting than just some game aimed for a young audience. From the Epic Mickey concept art, you can sort of tell that this game will be different from what would be expected of a Mickey game. It shows war torn environments, creative art styles, and hopefully a very innovative game play experience.

Since the art style is so unique, the graphics will not be that much of a problem. For highly stylized games, you can get away with more, since the style will not require such graphical strengths. This game has a lot of promise, as it sounds like now. If they can deliver with a captivating game play experience, then this game will most likely end up being one of the game of the year nominees. Epic Mickey is looking to be an amazing game, and Warren Specter as the game designer looks to be really lending his talents to the team. This is all the Epic Mickey information that is known, but it is still interesting regardless of the amount.