Epoxy putty

is an extremely versatile substance that is used for a wide variety of repairs and functions. This substance is often used by plumbers, but can also be used by "diy" types of guys who like to keep up their own homes. Often times this malleable putty can be used to temporarily make repairs in pipes or cracking until a more permanent solution can be found or afforded.

There are many different styles of this putty, and the repair value of each varies depending on specialty. Wood epoxy putty, for example, is designed to specifically be able to bond with wood. This can be used on wood tables that have large chips missing and are damaged, or on a cutting board that's been split. The advantage of an epoxy putty is that it is very malleable and easy to shape and change early on, but as it's set over time, it will harden and provide a very firm and solid fix.

Around the home there are many different types of projects that can be tackled using epoxy putty. Just a few of these household projects can include: repairing tile and grout, cracked pump housings, patching concrete, patching plaster, bonding loose carpet, and sealing leaks from old pipes. Many people believe this to be a temporary solution, and in cases of serious damage to water pipes or other major projects, but the material is strong enough that when properly done, they often work for extended periods of time and hold up well to time and beatings.

Part of what makes epoxy putty so versatile is just how many items it bonds to. While there are some adhesives that are designed for only one or two specific purposes (like wood glue or even Styrofoam glue), but epoxy putty can be used on a wide range of projects because it's easy to mold and shape, and bonds to many different materials. Wood, porcelain, metal, fiberglass, and concrete are just a few of many materials that this particular epoxy can effectively bond with, thus making it ideal for someone who might be doing a lot of different types of repairs around the home.

This material is also relatively inexpensive, meaning even on a budget most people will be able to afford quite a bit of this versatile repair man's friend. While it might not be right for every job, many people are often surprised at just how much epoxy putty can do.