There are three things to consider while choosing the perfect flooring for your infrastructure. Your building floor needs to be strong and durable to withstand loads of traffic, incredibly magnificent to entice audience and easy to clean. Among several types of flooring options you have, epoxy flooring is the new and amazing concept that is making waves in recent times. An epoxy floor satisfies all your flooring needs as it is durable, elegant and at the same time easy to clean.

What makes epoxy flooring durable?

The epoxy material is made up of resins and hardeners. The striking feature of this flooring is that it integrates itself into the substrate in a strong way. Resins and hardeners are mixed to make it stronger and harder. The flooring is built using several layers of epoxy, up to 2 mm thickness. The perfect bond with the substrate in a seamless fashion is what makes epoxy floors unique among contemporary flooring types. They adhere to many surfaces, withstand adverse temperatures and are chemically resistant.

Cleaning an epoxy floor

There are different types of epoxy floors like flaked floors, antistatic floors, self dispersing floors, terrazzo floors and mortar floors. Epoxy coating is different from an epoxy floor. While cleaning these floors, you need to consider the flooring type. The non-porous, non-slippery surface is due to the saturation of marble stones and quart into the epoxy resin. The non-grit epoxy flooring needs a different type of cleaning procedure when compared with ordinary floors. To clean a regular epoxy floor, remove all dirt and debris first. As the flooring is non-porous and seamless, dirt particles and debris cannot get inside. However, they can damage the floor, if left unattended for longer periods of time. Mop it off with water and detergent to remove dirt and debris. The hardness of the floor enables you to use different cleaning procedures like pressure washing, steam washing, cleaning with hot water or cold water etc.

Non-grit or slip-resistant floors

For an epoxy floor that is slip-resistant or non-grit, you need to take extra care. There is an additional grit added to the surface that makes it non-grit. This additional grit makes the floor a visual delight. To clean non-grit floor, clean the surface with water. Sprinkle small amounts of degreaser on the floor and allow grime and dirt to soak into it. Leave it for some time. As grime starts beading up, remove it with a deck cleaning brush and wash the floor again with water. Remove the water with a squeezer. Taking time for the maintenance of your epoxy flooring not only makes it durable but also allows the floor to maintain the elegance for several years.