What's the Difference Between the V600 and V700?

Buying a quality film scanner can make or break your business. As a photographer you understand that you need to invest in a great scanner, because without a good poor scanner your final results will be sub-par, regardless of how great your photography skills are.

 Many professional photographers as well as enthusiasts often end up opting to buy an Epson scanner. There are many models, but the choice often comes down to the Epson 600 vs the V700.

Which one is the best scanner for you?

Let’s find out.


Price should never be the sole factor when deciding on the best scanner to buy. You should be focusing on the value. The Epson 600 retails for much less than the V700, but the Epson V600 may be enough for you depending upon your needs. There’s a large jumbo in price from the V600 to a V700, but depending on your needs you may have to choose the V700.

Large Format Scanning and Quality

For medium slides and 35mm slides the V600 does  great job; however, the quality and the amount of DPI resolution is nowhere near the quality of the more expensive V700. For many enthusiasts the V600 is more than enough to handle all of their needs but if you demand the highest quality prints for your work then you should definitely opt for the V700 model.

If you are needing to scan large format slides then the V700 is the one you need because the V600 is not capable of scanning the large format slides. If you only scan  35mm and 120mm then you may find the Epson V600 is more than enough scanner for you.

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Optical Density Dmax Rating and Resolution

V700 has a Dmax rating of 4.0 while the 600 only has 3.4. The better Dmax rating will give your prints better detail, especially in shadows and darker areas of your print.

For overall resolution and detail the Epson V700 is the winner. The V700 offers much higher detail in scanned images when compared to the V600. Both of these scanners offer maximum resolutions of 12,800x12,800 DPI. Although the max resolutions are the same, it also has a higher quality scan because of the higher resolution Dmax rating. The native resolution of the V700 is 4800x9600 while the V700 offers 6400x9600.

Transparent Scanning

If you intend on scanning transparent slides then the V700 is the better choice. Both scanners are capable of scanning transparent slides but the V600 is limited to a scan size of 2.7x9.5 while the V700 sports a 8x10 transparency scan. If you need to sand sheets of slides or other transparent items then you will be able to with the scanner V700.


Both of these scanners are worth the money, but if you can afford it the Epson V700 is definitely the better choice. It does cost a lot more but it has high pixel density, a larger transparency adapter, is faster, and is hands down the better choice. If you are going to be scanning a lot of old Kodakchrome slides then either scanner can do the job, but the V700 will do it much faster. Not only is the scan speed faster with the Epson V700 but it can also handle up to 12 slides at a time. The V600 can only do 4 slides at a time. If you are going through hundreds or even thousands of slides then you should realize that it will be extremely time-consuming, so you should opt for the Epson V700.

If you are simply an amateur who needs to do some scanning then the huge savings in price may cause you to go ahead and buy the V600. The V600 Epson scanner is a great buy, but you need to realize it does have many limitations, especially when compared to the Epson V700.

Digital Ice

Both scanners come with Digital Ice software. The Digital Ice software helps to remove creases, specks, tears and other imperfections from your scanned photos. Once you learn to properly use the Digital Ice software to remove imperfections you will save a lot of time. If you are scanning hundreds of old photos then you will learn to quickly appreciate Digital Ice and it will cut down your Photoshop needs a lot.

Final Thoughts on the V600 vs V700

Both the V600 and V700 are quality scanners. The V600 is the flat bed photo scanner to choose if you are on a budget, are an enthusiast, don’t have hundreds of slides that need backed up, and don’t have to scan a lot of transparent slides.

The V700 is the flatbed scanner to choose if you need to make extra-large prints, need detailed shadows, are a professional needing top-quality professional prints. if you have any large format slides to scan then the V700 is definitely the best choice for you. If need to scan a lot of slides then the V700 not only provides a higher quality scan, it also allows you to scan up to 12 slides at a time. The V600 only allows you to scan 4 slides at a time.

The Epson 600 vs Epson 700 battle comes down to your needs and budget. If you have very limited needs you may fine the Epson 600 to be sufficient, but for most people the extra money spent for the Epson 700 flatbed scanner is well worth it.