If you have read my other article on caring for your car, then you should have it completely winterized. Now, you will need to equip your car with the items that will sustain yourself if you are caught out stranded in a snowstorm. By preparing yourself, especially when making long trips to new places during the wintertime, you will have what you need incase of an emergency if you become stranded in your car. Some of these essentials you can begin acquiring now and over a period of time. Some of these items you can also give loved ones as Christmas and birthday gifts.

Equip your car while traveling with the right items and it may save your life. First, put in an emergency contact phone number in your cell phone. Label the contact as ICE. Emergency personnel will look for this in your phone if they find you incapacitated. ICE is the acronym for incase of an emergency, so be sure that you always have this information in your cellular phone. Bring a car cell phone charger with you. A cell phone that is dead when your in an accident is no help at all. Bring along a hand crank emergency radio. You can get one at BePrepared.com that will serve as a flashlight and also charge your cell phone for $16.95. These are great to use at home during bad weather when the power is out. This is just a great investment all around for peace of mind long after your trip has past. Before you head out traveling anywhere it is best if you always let someone know your departure time and estimated arrival time. Furthermore, you should let them also know the route that you plan to take. This way if you do not check in, or never show up at your destination, someone will be aware that you are missing and will alert the proper authorities to look for you.

Another way to equip your car is to have it properly winterized so that it is prepared to face climate changes as they occur. If you are traveling to a destination that is expecting snowy icy conditions, then make sure that your tires can handle the trip. Also, keep your gas tank full at all times, especially if you headed down a route where civilization is spaced out for many miles. Having a full tank of gas allows you to run your car intermittently for heat if you find yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere. Make sure that you keep abreast of the upcoming forecast in the area that you are going to be traveling through. I once made a trip from Nashville, Tn, to Raleigh, NC, and found myself in a snowstorm in Asheville. The DOT closed the interstate for 4 hours. I was younger then, however, this taught me an important lesson about checking the weather before a long trip.

A must for any owner of a vehicle, equip your car with an emergency kit. What you need incase of an emergency may vary depending on where you are headed. You may only need a simple kit that will get you back on the road fast. If you are traveling somewhere that you have the potential of being stranded for days, you will want a larger kit. If you want to be prepared for anything that may come your way, then make a kit that does this. After your trip you can always take things out of your trunk and store them that may not be required on your typical daily route. Wal-Mart carries a huge line of emergency kits. My favorite is the Stansport/Hurricane/Earthquake/Flood Emergency Preparedness Kit. It is pricey at $200, but you have everything you need in it from shelter, bedding, and warmth, to the ability to cook and use the restroom. It really is a well equipped kit. It also contains food, water, and first aid supplies. They sell kits that are much cheaper too. Amazon carries a large line of emergency kits as well. You will also want to have a emergency kit for your car. This type of kit has tools, jumper cables, tow ropes, and caution signs and caution triangles to put on the side of the road during car trouble. This kits contain many other items as well. Furthermore, keep some tire chains in your car, and an extra set of clothes in case This may seem like overkill to you, but if you find yourself stranded on an empty deserted highway in the cold, you will find that being prepared will mean more comfort and safety for you and your loved one.

If you don't equip your car with these type of emergency kits at least try to make sure that you have some jumper cables and a tow rope. You can buy products like HotHands and put in your trunk for emergencies. Be sure to keep a warm blanket and a change of shoes to keep you from getting hypothermia or frostbite. Always bring along some protein bars or pop top cans of food, and bring a few bottles of water with you at the very least. If your stuck out in the snow put the hood up on your car so that other motorist will know that there is a problem. You should also travel with a companion because safety comes in numbers.

If you are a parent of grown children equip your car with these emergency kits, and give them as Christmas gifts to your children. They will appreciate that you thought of something essential that probably never has crossed their mind. This type of gift will prove invaluable over time. Younger adults and teens tend to travel more by automobile on long distant trip than us older adults. Many of them just assume that life is sweet and bad things only happen to other people. It takes time and experience to learn that the world just doesn't work like that. By giving them gifts such as these, you will rest easier knowing that they have it with them, even if they don't think that they will ever need them.

Here is an extra just for the ladies. This is the Life Hammer Pink Emergency Rescue Hammer sold at Amazon. You would use this in an entrapment situation to cut seat belts and smash out car windows. I like recieving pink tools to keep the guys from borrowing them. I thought you might like it.

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