Equipment is something that is needed to produce another thing. The handy thing about equipment is that once you produce your item the equipment (tools) can be reused to create another of the same thing. You can also produce a different item using the same tool assuming the tool you are using is not so specialized that it can only be used for that one item.

Humans are specialists in using objects to make life a bit easier on us. There are a few monkeys that use sticks and stones but they haven't figured out computers or electricity…yet. As technology advances so must the tools and equipment that we need to manufacture them.

Much of the modern technology that we use requires extremely precise and delicate assembly and this could not be done with just our hands or basic primitive tools.

The equipment that man needed in the past was sophisticated but it was limited by the technology of the day. The power needed was supplied by the muscles and augmented occasionally by pulleys and weights. The hammer and anvil has given way to the energy of electricity.

The harnessing of electricity started the long and exciting road of the industrial era. Industry, powered by electricity enabled humans to produce more for less. We began to have more time to imagine even greater advances which threw us straight into this time. The era of information and computing has required the development of the most intricate and powerful pieces of equipment.

Technology is no longer about brute force but delicate electronic devices such as computers, modems, and cell phones. Our modern society depends on the functioning of satellites which orbit the plant and transmit data from one place to another. The satellites, air waves, and land lines work together to knit our culture together into what appears to be one seamless data stream. The equipment needed to create this illusion of simplicity is highly technical and required constant maintenance.

People could possibly survive without the modern conveniences and the things that we use daily but it would be a difficult adjustment to leave behind the laptops and other mobile technology which we are used to. The fact that we could do it does not mean we would want to.

Personally I love my toys and gadgets and will not give them up without a…well satellite failure I guess.