An In-Depth Look at the Equipment Needed for p90x Chest and Back

All Equipment Can be Purchased Easily Online

The equipment needed for the p90x Chest and Back workout is actually quite minimal.  There is a question you have to answer before determining what equipment is necessary, which I'll get into in the next paragraph.  The 4 possible options are a pull up bar, dumbbells, resistance bands, and pushup bars.  Don't get intimidated, those are just the possible options.  You can easily buy them all online through, if you choose to.  Now let’s get into the specifics of the equipment need for p90x Chest and Back.

Necessary Equipment for the Chest Exercises
It's really simple when determining the equipment needed for the chest exercises in the p90x Chest and Back workout.  You don't NEED any equipment at all.  All of the chest exercises in this workout are pushups.  There are a number of different forms of pushups included in p90x Chest and Back, such as standard, wide fly, diamond, decline, military, and dive bomber. You don't need any equipment to do these pushups.

However, in the p90x Chest and Back workout DVD, Tony Horton does use pushup bars.  Pushup bars provide a larger range of motion because your chest can go lower than your hands.  Obviously this isn't possible when doing pushups without the bars, because the floor is there.  Using the bars requires more strength and gives you a better workout, in my opinion.  You can also use dumbbells instead of pushup bars.  You'll be able to do fewer repetitions with the pushup bars, or when using dumbbells, because it's more difficult, but you'll see better results.

If you are interested in buying pushup bars, I recommend the j/fit Pro Push-Up Bars (affiliate link).  They've received extraordinary customer reviews and are perfect for p90x.

Necessary Equipment for the Back Exercises
The main back exercises in this workout are pullups, but there are two ways you can do them.  One is with a standard pullup bar, which attaches to a door frame.  The other is by using resistance bands.  In the workout video, Tony Horton shows you how to do the pullup exercises using a resistance band.  Personally, I find the workout to be more effective by doing the actual pullups, instead of using the resistance bands.  If you can't do many pull ups, Tony shows you how to use a chair, which makes it a little easier.  

In terms of a pullup bar, I recommend buying the Iron Gym Workout Bar (affiliate link).  It's the pullup bar I've been using for the past 4 years and I've never had a problem with it.  It may also be helpful to check out this review of the product.  If you choose to purchase resistance bands, they can be bought online or by going to a sporting goods store.  Personally, I've never had much luck with resistance bands. I've gone through 3 different pairs, where the handles have eventually ripped off of the bands, which is why I don't really use them anymore.

The other back exercises consist of mostly back rows and flys.  The equipment needed for these workouts are either dumbbells or the resistance bands.  I tend to use dumbbells and feel like I get a better workout with them.  However, it really comes down to your personal preference.

Conclusion of the Equipment Needed for p90x Chest and Back
To bring everything full circle, the chest exercises can be done by using pushup bars, or by just doing pushups on the ground.  You'll get a better workout with the bars, which is why Tony recommends them in the DVD.  As for the back exercises, you can either use a pullup bar or a resistance band for the pullups.  For the rowing and back fly exercises, you can use a resistance band or dumbbells.  That's all the equipment needed for p90x Chest and Back.