We discovered the Ergo after a friend recommended this baby carrier as the best way to transport an infant. We were impressed by the clean design and how easy it was to use. I had used Moby wraps and ring slings to transport my baby when he was only a few weeks and months old, but after about the six-month-mark, he was getting heavier than I could comfortably carry him. We bought the Ergo just before Christmas and it was the best baby-related Christmas gift I could have asked for. Even better, unlike the pretty-looking Moby and ring slings, daddy is willing to strap on the Ergo and carry our youngster on occasion! Another appealing aspect of the Ergo is that we can use it throughout toddlerhood and into the preschool years. Kids up to four can safely and comfortably ride in an Ergo.

Ergobaby is the company that makes these soft-sided baby carriers, but many moms and dads shorten the name to "Ergo" when talking about their favorite carrier.

The Best Baby Carrier - Ergo Options and Varieties

Ergobaby has come out with different styles, including an organic version, sport version and performance version of the baby carrier. The Performance version may be the best baby carrier for heavier parents, since the waist belt extends further than in other versions. Tall parents may prefer the Sport version of the Ergo, since it has shoulder straps that extend farther than other versions.
For basic babywearing needs, however, the standard Original Ergobaby carrier is probably the best baby carrier around. It comes in black, camel, cranberry or grey and can be used to carry your baby or toddler in a front, hip or back position.

Comfortable and Safe Baby Carriers - Keeping Your Baby’s Safety and Comfort in Mind

Like most parents, you probably want to find the safest baby carrier for your child. The Ergo baby carrier has multiple straps and locks to prevent your child from slipping out and falling.

The comfort of the baby carrier for both parent and child is another consideration when choosing the best baby carrier for you. Ergo distributes your baby's weight to your waist and shoulders, allowing you to carry your him or her for longer periods of time. The carrier also supports the baby without putting pressure on the groin area, which is more comfortable and better for the infant's health.

Buying a cheap baby carrier may make your wallet happier, but its best not to skimp on quality when your child's safety and comfort are at stake.

Baby Carrier Shopping Tips - How to Buy the Best Baby Carrier Around

You could stumble upon the perfect baby carrier while wandering around your local baby store like we did, but ordering one online is an easier option. Amazon carries a full range of Ergo carriers and accessories, sold by authorized retailers through their website. It’s important to buy from an authorized seller, since counterfeit Ergos could endanger your child if they have bad stitching or inferior materials.

The Ergo baby carrier works great everywhere

Baby Carrier by Ergo
Credit: Ilya Haykinson