Are These the Best Office Chairs?

Ergonomic mesh office chairs are great pieces of office furniture that are increasing in popularity for obvious reasons.  The human body wasn't built for one endless hour after another in a cubicle or office job.  While the list of health issues when you're dealing with something like this are long enough as it is, back problems have long been one of the most difficult ones to deal with.  This is why many new office chairs look far different than older models.  Often made from a firm but pliable mesh, cushioned nicely, with form to encourage excellent posture: these are ergonomic office chairs.  Ergonomic means that they are designed specifically with good back support and health in mind.  While these chairs aren't standard office set up just yet, it's probably only a matter of time until the many benefits of ergonomic chairs outweigh any concerns and become standard.

Can't argue with the health benefits
One of the major reasons why these pieces of office furniture are so popular is because of the health benefits. Ergonomic furniture is specifically designed to prevent injuries and encourage good posture.  In theory this should help to keep workers healthier and that will also often boost up production just because of less sick days and less pain.  Less pain means it's a lot easier to work and be productive without any other type of issues.  Prevention of common office injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome and other repetitive stress injuries not only saves the employer money from worker's compensation, but it also keeps the individual workers feeling better and healthier.  The lift in spirits is a nice little bonus, too.   A happy worker is a more productive worker, and who wouldn't rather be healthy and happy than in pain and struggling to slog through?

This is what a great office chair looks like

LexMod Edge Office Chair with Mesh Back and Black Leatherette Seat
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(price as of May 26, 2013)
There are many different forms of ergonomic chairs, but most will have a similar design to this. Notice the mesh back for breathing, and how the material allows for molding and movement.

What about the comfort factor?

A second reason for throwing out the old hardback chairs and welcoming in the new back friendly replacement ergonomic mesh chairs is because of the sheer comfort factor.  Aside from helping to prevent injuries and keep a long term positive outlook on health, there's also the simple comfort factor.  These chairs tend to be far more comfortable than anything that is going to compare to it. 

Toss in adjustable arm rests, proper back support, and over all quality design these are just better designed chairs than the majority of other options out there. The comfort factor can not be overrated since comfortable workers are going to be in a better mood and be more productive.  If you're self employed and have to work out of your own home office then you definitely want a comfortable place to sit.  Freelance writing for a living is hard enough without having to worry about sharp back pains.

A third obvious and good reason for adding quality mesh office chairs to the office is that they look good, and impressions matter in the business world. Not only will these chairs exude professionalism, but they will give the feeling of style, as well.

Those three reasons only begin to scratch the surface of why every work place should have an ergonomic mesh office chair for each and every employee there.