Many people who work a standard, 9-5 job are stuck with a sedentary lifestyle coupled with hunching their back and shoulders over a desk for eight hours a day. Children in school are also stuck with this type of lifestyle, with only an hour or so a day to move about. While it is not exactly healthy to remain seated for so many hours a day, there are other potential issues of which to become aware.

While sitting at a desk, especially if you are studying, writing, or hunched over, you are likely to be exhibiting extremely poor posture. This can lead to poor posture in other aspects of your life, as well as sore muscles in your back, neck, wrists and shoulders.

Ergonomics is the science of creating equipment for the workplace to reduce fatigue and soreness in the body. This science has shown that the cause of these posture problems, eye fatigue, and muscle soreness stem from the angle at which we work.

Adjustable slant boards for reading, as well as dry erase boards, and magnetic marker boards for writing have been designed to eliminate the stress and fatigue to your muscles while working.

When reading a book that is on a horizontal surface, your eyes are forced to refocus as they move down the page. This is the main reason for excess eye fatigue while you work. If you put your reading materials on the angled board, the entire page is in focus at once, so your eyes are not doing any extra work.

Back problems are very difficult to fix, and by using an adjustable slant board, you are able to reduce the chances of developing back, neck, and shoulder problems. Since children spent a long period of time hunched over a desk during their developmental years, the risk for long-term back issues is very high. The angled boards provide the opportunity to keep your natural form and posture while reading, writing and typing. This also eliminates stress on your neck and shoulder muscles.

Additionally, these boards have been shown to lower blood pressure, and reduce your heart rate because of the natural positioning of your muscles and joints. To eliminate these issues, use a magnetic marker board, reading board, or writing board that has been ergonomically designed to optimize your body's natural comfort.