When it comes to simple, lightweight upright vacuums that can make daily cleaning of your hardwood, tile, or vinyl floor a snap, Electrolux has it covered with the Ergorapido and Unirapido family of stylish and quality cordless vacuum cleaners.

Both the Electrolux models are pretty powerful and are both featured with a 'low' and 'high' (for particularly diry areassuction control setting that you can switch between by a simple flick of a button, giving you complete control. On a single charge you can expect up to 20 minutes of use on the low setting, or 12 minutes on high. That is more than enough to finish the daily cleaning of your bare floors. The charge time varies depending on the model, but the average is around the 3 hour mark.

Electrolux upright vacuums are bagless, cordless, and come with a washable filter (which captures allergens & dust from being expelled into the air, allowing for cleaner & helathier air to be left behind) which obviously makes cleanup and maintenance very simple. Where they really shine, however, is in tight spots such as around a table or chair. With the superior maneuverability of the 180-degree swivel head, these common obstacles are no problem at all. 

The Electrolux Unirapido is a basic model that offers cyclonic technology to get bare floors super clean. It runs on a 12 volt rechargeable battery and is easy to handle due to it being incredibly lightweight -- only 4.5 pounds. The Unirapido comes with an extra-large 1-quart dust capacity, so you can keep cleaning without the need to empty the container.


Electrolux UniRapido Stick Vacuum, EL852A
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(price as of Nov 30, 2016)

There are quite a few different models in the Electrolux Ergorapido family, but all pretty much take the basic features of the Unirapido and either add to it & improve on it. The Ergorapido adds an onboard handheld vacuum to the upright unit (allowing you to clean intricate areas such as in cars etc.), so it is truly a 2-in-1 vacuum cleaning system. The convenience of having both devices at your fingertips is something you will get used to fast. These models also add two tools that store neatly in the upright unit - a dusting brush and crevice tool.

Other differences between the Unirapido vs. Ergorapido are that the latter offers LED headlights which is convenient for cleaning poorly lit areas or at night, and the dust storage capacity is smaller thanks in part to the space used by the added handheld cleaner. The Ergorapido is also slightly heavier at 5.3 pounds, but still just as easy to use.

Within the Ergorapido line are models like the Ultra+ El, Brushroll Clean El, and Brushroll Clean Ion. While the Brushroll Clean El and Ultra+ El share the 12-volt power of the Unirapido, the Brushroll Clean Ion moves up to an 18-volt rechargeable battery (allowing for increased power & run time).

Both Brushroll Clean models include a feature designed to easily remove tangled hair from the brushroll without the need to fuss with it. A simple step on a button while running the device is all that is needed to lift tangled hair from the roller and into the dust compartment.

All of these Electrolux cordless vacuums have an 8.3-inch cleaning path and come with a generous 2-year limited warranty.

Electrolux has been in the business of making powerful, lightweight vacuums for over 100 years, and they are a trusted brand. Whether you are looking for the simplicity of the Unirapido or the added features included in the Ergorapido cordless vacuum, these machines are sure to please.

Please do let me know which one you choose & why? Also, if you have any concerns, comments or questions regarding either the comparison article 'Unirapido Vs Ergorapido' or about any of the models mentioned above (e.g. specific mechanical specifications of the Ergorapido Ion) then do not hesitate to make them in the comments section below and we will be sure to respond as soon as possible.