Circumstances change every day in peoples’ lives but mine got totally out of whack. My circumstances did not just change; they got on a rocket and flew to Mars. I had been in a relationship for almost 10 years with the mother of my daughter. We had some rocky times together but it came to an end. My version is it was her fault and her version is that it is my fault. Regardless it worked out amazingly well. She has a new boyfriend and I am in love with an old flame. I thank God I am getting another chance with this amazing woman who I use to date a long time ago, but I also wonder what God was doing to me.

From the depths of despair to hovering over cloud 9, I have risen. I recently sold my previous InfoBarrel account that had over 900 articles on it. I needed cash and my IB account was the best asset I had. The person who bought it got a great deal and it helped me out a lot. I am reborn on InfoBarrel. Many of you know me as Ernie but now that I sold that account I am now going by Gonzo.

Why would I sell an InfoBarrel account that had over 900 articles?

I could have called J.G. Wentworth but I would prefer to deal with other people who are already familiar with Internet Marketing and the residual income that can be earned.

"I have a structured settlement and I need cash now. 
 Call J.G. Wentworth! 
I have an annuity but I need cash now. 
Call J.G. Wentworth! 
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If you get long term payments but you need cash now…"

But You Did All That Work For Nothing!

Nope, I did not do it for nothing. In the beginning with InfoBarrel it often felt like I was working for free but then my income began to gradually build as the number of articles in my account grew. I have earned money off of InfoBarrel in numerous ways over the years. In addition to Adsense, Chitika, and Amazon revenue I have also earned money promoting affiliate programs.

One of the biggest moneymakers for me on InfoBarrel is writing articles for other people. I ghostwrite a lot of articles for people and some of them end up on InfoBarrel and similar sites. At last estimate I have written well over 10,000 articles under numerous names for clients on  a wide variety of blogs, websites, and forums. The vast majority of my work is done under fake names or my client’s names.

If I had every article I have ever written and put them all on InfoBarrel I would be rocking a BMW 325I and buying a new house…every month. I do not regret selling my “Ernie” InfoBarrel account because I needed cash now and J.G. Wentworth did not have a number 2 option when I called for a Spanish operator. 

I went from the depths of despair to the new heights of glee. My dead father no longer visited or talked to me anymore (Seriously) and then one day I suddenly realized what I wanted in life. I kept pondering it and then one night my dead father said to me “If you want it then go after it”. The next day I asked the woman of my dreams out and she said yes. Maybe it wasn’t my father but the voices in my head that night sure sounded like him but then again I had not took my Prozac for a few days so it probably was my deceased father.

Although I have sold my original InfoBarrel account I will continue to be active on InfoBarrel as I work to build up this new account to the level I had my old one at.

What’s With the Name Gonzo?

Gonzo is a tribute to my favorite writer, Hunter S. Thompson. If you have ever read his books or seen the movie Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas then you know why I like him. Plus the user name Daniel Was took, so I had to have something cool to use. This is like a Mark Twain pen name where I use it but never hide the fact of who I am. I even link to my FaceBook account if you want to be my friend.

Can You Sell InfoBarrel Accounts?

Yes! I checked with the head Guru of InfoBarrel to make sure I was OK to sell it because I did not want to get kicked off and then have to sneak back on with a fake name like Gonzo.

Are You Mentally Stable Now?

Ernie had some problems but fortunately Gonzo is much better off. Good Karma works better than an apple a day at keeping the psychiatrists away. All the bad Karma caught up to me and attacked me like an elephant attacks a mosquito. I was flattened but with the help of the voices in my head I feel much better now.

How are you in a Relationship for almost 10 years and don’t get married?

Good question and I still do not have the answer to that. The good thing is I have never been divorced, even though it felt like a divorce. I now plan on marrying the girl of my dreams and I know it will work out. I have a lot of faith that it will and I know in my heart it is destined to be.

Me and the ex still talk and are friends. She is a wonderful mother and a very fun person, but we obviously were not meant to be. I feel like I have found my soul mate and now I need to convince her that I am right.

The other question I get asked a lot is who cheated on whom in the situation. The good news is neither of us cheated.

Will You Still Write the Amazing Articles That You Use to Write for Us That Kept Us up at Nights Waiting for You TO Publish More Articles for us to read?

Ummm…that was not me that was VicDillinger.

Over the last 2 months my life has changed drastically and I have learned what true friends are. I am honored to say that the InfoBarrel community is filled with many truly great people who I am proud to say are my friends. If you ever want to come over and play poker at my house one night you are more than welcome to but don’t give me that fake excuse like “Oh I Live In Europe and that is too far to travel to Idaho”. If you keep telling me that people then I may just have to come over there next year and show up unexpectedly at your door. Side Note: If anyone lives in Amsterdam and allows couchsurfers then holla’ back at me.

I am grateful that my situation occurred and at this point in my life (Literally, right now as I am typing this out)  I am happier then I have ever been, at least in a drug free state because there was that time we got high and climbed to the top of Holt Arena to watch the lightning storm overhead.

I have learned a lot of Dr. Phil stuff over the past 2 months and I am excited to share it with you in my articles, but more importantly I have learned a lot about networking using Facebook and am stoked to share this new knowledge. My future is looking very bright and once again I would like to thank the InfoBarrel community for all of the moral support I have received in various ways from many of you.