A sea change refers to making a significant change to one's life. Thanks to a couple of television programs in Australia, a sea change in Australia refers to people who move out of the city to the country or to the sea side.

Australian's love the sea, so in other countries people looking for a significant change in their lifestyle might move to the mountains or even to forests or jungle. Ever since the industrial revolution, people have been moving from the country side and creating big cities.

A trend has been developing over the past few years with people looking to improve their lifestyle by moving back to country towns. Rising property prices in big cities around the world has made some people rich, and by selling their house and buying a cheaper property in the country side, they can sometimes have enough money to make an early retirement.

Other people find the high property prices in the cities prevents them from buying their own house and moving outside of the city to a country town is the only way they can afford to buy their own house.

During the industrial revolution people moved from the country side and changed their jobs from agriculture to manufacturing. With the advent of new technology and the internet, people are increasingly given the mobility to work from wherever they want. If you can work anywhere in the world, why would you choose to live in a big city with the problems of high housing costs, pollution and crime.

The Australian tv program "Real Sea Change" highlights families that give up the big city for a coastal or country town. Some of the people are working in the corporate world and they swap their jobs for travel around Australia or starting a new business, like opening a restaurant or cafe.

One family buys a vineyard and anoSea change Balither buys a newsagency, which is a small shop that sells, magazines, newspapers and lotto tickets. These people have no experience with these businesses and they struggle to learn the ropes. I wonder if they have just swapped one form of corporate slavery with another.

I recently had my own "sea change" by moving to Bali. Fortunately, I run my business from the internet, so I haven't had to worry about finding a job or new business here. I am living in a fairly remote area and I love the slower pace of life.

The people are extremely friendly and they have plenty of time to stop for a chat. It feels like a real community, something has been lost with modern, urban lifestyles. People seem to take care of one another and they share their problems. One downside is that you start to lose a sense of privacy, as everyone knows what is going on with each other's lives.

For anyone considering making a sea change in their life, I say to just "go for it". Sure you will have your doubts as to whether it is the right thing or not and certainly there are some risks, but at least you won't be left wondering for the rest of your life "what if".