Just across from Taiwan, lies the second largest archipelago on the globe, the Republic of the Philippines. The 7,000 islands offer plush beaches and breathtaking sights that are an often overlooked travel location, yet well worth the extra distance. Additionally, you will discover some of the world's best diving and snorkeling within the astounding natural coral-lined reefs.

Philippines Travel
Broken into three major geographical regions, the Philippines is composed of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao within the tropical Pacific Ring of Fire. But not only offering some of the greatest natural resources in the region, the Philippines is also known for their welcoming culture and creative cuisine. The people are inquisitive, kind, inviting and always have a smile to share.

Touted as possibly one of the eight wonders of the world, the Philippines' rice terraces are carved out of the North Luzon mountainsides. Seen from Banaue and Batad, about 9 hrs North of Manilla, the terraces would stretch halfway around the earth, if laid end to end. This is an incredible scenic tour in the mystical mountains and serene atmosphere where the culture and traditions of the Filipino people are truly evident.

Another incredibly unique sight are the caves and "hanging coffins" in Sagada. The coffins can be found attached to the cliffs of the valley in the traditional Filipino way. Only the truly dedicated tourist can access this area as the roads are primitive and winding, but the Sagada waterfalls, caves and more are definitely worth the effort.

The Philippines offers any traveler one of the last greatest frontiers of Southeast Asia. The lush tropical climate, white powdered beaches and laid-back lifestyle are inviting to all. Escape the hordes of the crowds and visit the Philippines and enjoy!