I Google searched: how to prevent cancer for this article and found a wealth of information. I recommend you do the same if you want to prevent the 2nd most common way to die: cancer. Here are some of the best and easiest tips I've found online that you can act today and every day to prevent this deadly disease.


The first resource I found on google is Reader's Digest and here are some of my favorite tips from their list of 31 simple ways to prevent cancer:

1. Eat broccoli! Eat it often! Every day if you can...:

They recommend you steam it instead of microwaving it. Or eat it raw.

2. Eat garlic every chance you get:

Think of it this way, cancer is like a vampire that wants to kill you and garlic can keep both far away from you. Garlic boosts your immune system and keeps you strong and healthy. So have it as much as you can.

3. Eat fresh cantaloupe every morning:

It's really good at helping you prevent cancer

4. Add blueberries to your breakfast every morning:

Blueberries are more powerful when it comes to antioxidants that prevent cancer than any other fruit so make sure to take advantage of this fact every morning with your breakfast.

5. Drink plenty of water! At least 8 cups a day...:

For men, according to Reader's Digest, it can cut your risk for Bladder Cancer and for women it helps prevent colon cancer.

6. Drink plenty of green tea every day:

If you want to prevent cancer, one of the best things you could do is drink about 4 cups of green tea every single day. It's really powerful stuff... I'm not kidding either. I'll say it again: IT'S REALLY POWERFUL STUFF so DRINK UP ladies and gentlemen!

7. Salmon:

We all know why already, right? Salmon is really high on Omega-3s and this helps you greatly reduce your chances of getting certain forms of cancer. Here's the catch: You need to be getting about 4 servings of fish every week. So, swap red meat and chicken for fish. You eat beef 5 days a week right? So, you can eat fish 4 days a week instead.

8. Multivitamin every day:

This one is super easy. Just pop a multivitamin every morning and you're getting better odds of preventing cancer and many other diseases.

9. Get 15 minutes of sun every day:

This one is obvious but how many of us are locked up indoors all day every day and forget to take advantage of this great healer - sunlight. Remember though, if you get too much direct sunlight, you might get skin cancer, so be careful out there.

10. Switch to low-fat/no-fat dairy:

A lower in saturated fat coming from animals decreases your chances of getting some kinds of cancer.

11. Like I said before, instead of having red meat or pork, have chicken or fish:

Fish and chicken have less saturated fat and help reduce your chances of ever getting cancer.

12. Grapes:

Red grapes as we all know have plenty of resveratrol which helps prevent cancer. So eat up! Enjoy the benefits of grapes every day if you can. Your body will thank you.

13. Scallions:

Scallions can also help prevent cancer altogether so take advantage of this fact.

14. Lemon juice:

I love this one because it's really tasty. This is how it works. Make lemonade without the sugar part. That way you get all the benefits and you don't get any of the drawbacks of lemonade. Citrus fruits help prevent cancer significantly. An added benefit is that it is delicious.


This tip is super effective too. In the article on Reader's Digest, they recommended you walk 30 minutes every day after dinner but walking is good anytime of day in my opinion. It helps to improve your immune system and hence basically lowers your risk for all types of cancer.

16. Instead of pickles, have cucumbers:

According to the article again, pickled foods increase your chances of getting cancer.

17. Build your relationships with friends and family:

Studies show that people with healthier relationships and support around them tend to be healthier long-term.

I did a little more digging for you and for more ways to prevent cancer. These next tips are from about.com:

18. Quit smoking if you're a smoking and don't start if you're not:

Smoking causes a lot of different forms of cancer and you get absolutely no benefit whatsoever from smoking. So make the decision to quit and do it! You can do it! Believe in yourself and do it!

19. Go see a doctor for cancer screenings often:

This is crucial because it helps improve your odds of being healthy.

I found some more on prevention.com

Here are my favorite:

20. Have LOTS of coffee every day:

I'm talking about 5 cups of coffee every single day. In studies, this has been shown to reduce your risks of various types of cancer including brain cancer and oral cancer.

21. Lose 10 pounds:

A significant chunk of cancers people have in this world are directly related to them being overweight or obese so if you are overweight or obese, aim to lose your first 10 pounds ASAP. You'll be glad you did.....

From livestrong.com, I found out about more foods you can eat to prevent cancer... here they are:

22. ''broccoli,kale and collard greens":

They prevent a variety of cancers.

23. raspberries:

These kill some kinds of cancer cells so indulge in as many of these bad boys as you want.

24. More sources of Omega 3s:

Olive oil and walnuts, flax seeds! These help prevent some forms of cancer. I just crushed a tbsp of flax seeds with my magic bullet. According to livestrong.com, a tbsp of flax seeds has more omega 3s than you need for a day.

25. Carrots:

Carrots are high in Vitamin A and this really lowers your risk for cancer.

26. Selenium:

Make sure you're getting enough selenium in your diet. A good source of this is almonds.

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