Owners of the Canon 5D Mark II are serious photographers and are in need of a few essential accessories to get the most out of their camera. Just as the Canon 5D is quite expensive, purchasing all of these accessories will cost a pretty penny as well. There is certainly no substitute for a good photographer, but these peripherals will ensure the production of brilliant, professional photographs.

Compact Flash Memory Cards

Compact Flash CardAt 21.1 megapixels, the Canon 5D Mark II creates some extremely large file sizes. In RAW mode, each file alone is almost thirty megabytes in size. That means an 8GB memory card will hold approximately 250 photos. An 8GB card is the smallest recommended size for this camera.

You should also consider purchasing a compact flash memory card that can process information as fast as the Mark II sends it. Most standard compact flash cards can only process a certain amount of megabytes per second, so if you are planning on shooting in continuous mode frequently, you should consider purchasing a compact flash card that can process about 60 megabytes per second.

External Flash: Canon Speedlite 580EX II

Canon Speedlite 580EX IISince the Mark II does not have a pop up flash, you will certainly need to purchase an external flash if you ever plan on photographing indoors. The 580EX II is the best of the best for what Canon has to offer. It has 20% better recycling time than the model below it and can illuminate subjects up to 190 feet from the camera. Be sure to completely read the instruction manual to understand the full power of this essential accessory.

If you are serious about starting a photography business, also be sure to look into additional lenses to suit your photography needs.

An Extra 5D Mark II Battery

Battery (39820)A photographer's worst nightmare is running out of batteries while in the middle of a photo shoot. The battery provided with the 5D has very good battery life, but extended shooting in one day will certainly require a new power source. Although third parties have batteries available for the 5D, Canon batteries provide extra information to the 5D including detailed battery life remaining and how many shots have been taken with the that battery. The 5D also keeps track of each battery you have, so if you switch out a battery and place it back in the camera, the unit will recognize the battery and know how many photos it has already taken on the same charge.

A Camera BagSling Bag

If you own a Canon 5D Mark II, chances are you will have at least one extra lens and a flash. Together, these take up a lot of space and weight making an easily accessible camera bag crucial. Sling packs work the best for photographers constantly on the go during a photo shoot. A sling pack can be carried as a backpack, but can also be adjusted to wear on the front or side of the body.

The four accessories listed above are absolutely essential to the owner of a Canon 5D Mark II. Here are a handful of other accessories that more advanced photographers should add to their arsenal:

  1. Canon BG-E6 Vertical Battery Grip
  2. A Tripod
  3. A Wireless shutter release
  4. Canon CP-E4 Battery Pack for Flash

If you have yet to purchase this camera, be sure to read this comparison article comparing the Canon 5D Mark II vs the Nikon D700 vs the Sony Alpha 900.