If your business needs to record the time employees spend on various projects then there are a wide range of business time recording tools available. This article describes both software and hardware based time recording solutions.

Business Time Recording Programs

A number of business time recording software programs are available.

For businesses in sectors where clients are billed for the time there are a range of software solutions available. Billing on an hourly or other time basis is very common in the service sector, particularly in law, IT and other professional services. Often time billing is an optional module for a range of financial software packages. There is a wide range of software applications available for vertical enterprises, including lawyers and solictors as well as IT service companies. Alternatively the software is available as a standalone application.

When choosing a time recording software application, it's important to ensure that the application:

  • Is easy to use so that staff find it easy to record their time. This is especially important if you want to record their time usage in units which are smaller than one hour.
  • Is easy to integrate with a client billing application.
  • Has good reporting facilities so you can see a breakdown of time spent per project, per client or per employee.
  • Integrates with staff calendars so that work can be scheduled and fitted around meetings with clients etc.
  • Has support for more than one employee should you require that facility. Should you have more than one employee then it is of course essential that the software can be run on more than one PC.

Many of the better time recording solutions offer web based interfaces. This allows employees to enter their time through a web browser, so there is no software to install on their PCs. Being browser based also has other advantages like being usable when the employee is out of the office. Some time recording applications also offer mobile based solutions which is useful for field engineers or sales teams.

Legal Time Recording

The legal profession makes extensive use of time recording software. One popular package for the legal profession is Iken's Time Recording and Time Tracking software. The software is specifically designed for the legal profession. Its capabilities include the ability to set multiple timers should a meeting or other event qualify under two or more different accounts. It is possible to integrate Iken's time recording software with other applications such as case management software. Comprehensive reporting options are available for client billing, budgeting and cross-department budgeting.

Business Time Recording Hardware

As well as the wide range of software applications available, it is also possible to buy hardware that can be used to record employee time. Hardware solutions are useful for warehouses, retail premises or other environments where it would not be practical for staff to record their time on a computer.

For recording when staff start or finish work it is possible to buy a wide range of hardware solutions to monitor their hours. The clocking in systems available include smart cards, swipe cards as well as proximity cards. A popular supplier of clocking on systems are AccuTime Time and Attendance Systems. Their range of clocking in systems are designed to be very easy to use by your employees. Data can be stored on the system, then downloaded when required. The systems are supplied with easy to use software for PCs. The software contains basic reporting functionality. Additional reports can be generated through the facility to export data to the Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet. Additional systems are available for specialist time recording duties such as monitoring security patrols.