Not all roofers are created equal. During storm season there is always an influx of contractors into the north Texas area, yet many of these are not reliable. As a homeowner, how do you determine who you should hire to complete your home repairs? Following are six criteria that a good roofing company in Dallas TX will be able to meet.

The first thing you should do before hiring any type of contractor is check their status with the local Better Business Bureau. Although not all companies are invited to join this trusted group, the best ones are often Accredited Members. The BBB rates companies from A+ to F. If a particular organization has had customer complaints filed against them through the BBB, or if they are involved in questionable marketing or business activities, then their rating will drop. It can also be lowered if they have only been in operation only a short time, or if there have been any licensing issues or government action taken against them. Remember, choosing a contractor with a high BBB rating doesn’t guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with the service rendered. However, it does ensure you are selecting someone who has reliably served in the community for a number of years.

Second, a quality contractor will have several manufacturer or factory certifications. These indicate that the installers at the contractor have adequately demonstrated to the shingle manufacturer that they have both the understanding and ability required to install their product correctly. This is important because if components are installed incorrectly it can void the manufacturer’s warranty. Two of the top shingle manufacturers to look for are GAF/Elk and Owens Corning.

A third attribute you should examine is the organization’s insurance policies. Although Texas does not require businesses to carry a commercial general liability policy, any quality roofing company in Dallas TX is going to have a minimum of $1 million of this type of coverage. This gives you valuable protection as a customer. If the roofers inadvertently damage anything on your property, such as a car or HVAC unit, the repairs are covered under this policy. In addition, if something drastic were to happen, such as a worker falling through your roof or your house burning down due to worker negligence, your property is insured. Don’t hire a contractor with less coverage than it would take to completely replace everything on your property.

The fourth thing to consider is how long a business has been in operation. Most small businesses fail within five years, and a roofer is no exception. You want to ensure whomever you hire to work on your home will be around in the months and years to come in case any issues arise with the quality of work performed. Whether or not an owner has incorporated, he needs a business license. Ask for these or some other form of verification. Don’t just take the salesman’s word for it.

Fifth, a good roofer will provide a warranty for the labor above and beyond the manufacturer’s warranty. Most guarantee their work for one or two years following the replacement or repair since most issues become apparent in that time frame. However, some will offer an even longer warranty of five or ten years. As with anything else, the longer the warranty the better off you are as a consumer.

Lastly, make sure you are hiring a locally based organization. No matter how good a contractor is, everyone is human and prone to mistakes. If an error is made on the repairs of your home, you need to make sure there will be someone around to come back and fix it in six months or a year. Many storm chaser companies come in from distant parts of the state or country and set up temporary business operations. Check the license plates and ID’s of the salesmen to see whether they are truly from Texas, specifically from a local community. Choosing a roofing company in Dallas TX is always the best option in the long run.