Crappie fishing is an activity enjoyed by anglers throughout the South, the Midwest, and much of the northern states if the US. These scrappy little fighters captivate anglers for a variety of reasons. One of the aspects of crappie fishing that I enjoy the most is eating them.

Nice crappies is what it is all aboutCredit: Jay Angel photo

Here is a list of equipment that will make your next crappie trip a memorable one.

1) Rod and reel combo: For the beginning crappie fisherman, I would recommend a 5 - 6.5 foot long spinning rod. Crappie rods come in a variety of sizes, but this length is most manageable for the novice angler.  The rod should be light to ultra light action. Feel free to ask an employee at the sporting goods section to show you what a light and ultra light action rod looks like. You will also need a smaller spinning reel that is spolled with 4 - 6 pound test line.

2) Bobbers: You will need small bobbers. Bobbers are used to suspend bait above the bottom of the lake. They are a device that is clipped onto your line at the desired depth you would like to target. You will need a handful of small bobbers every time you go out because chances are you are going to lose several of them.

3) Minnows: Every bait shop that services an area where crappies are found will carry a huge supply of crappie minnows. Crappie minnows are minnows that are the perfect size for crappies to eat. In order to keep crappies alive, you will need a minnow bucket to keep them in. If you give the bait shop employee your minnow bucket, he will fill it with water and then drop the minnow you have just purchased into it.When I buy minnows, I always buy a couple of dozen more than I think I am going to use because it never fails, I always run out.

4) Hooks: The perfect hook to catch crappies is the Aberdeen hook. This is a thin wire hook that is designed to bend if enough pressure is applied to it. You will get snags fishing for crappies since they live around submerged wood. This means that you will want to buy plenty of these hooks so you wont cut your trip short if you lose lots of them. 

5) Small jigs: Jigs are a variety of artificial lure that is designed to look like a small minnow swimming in the water. At times, they can be very effective when it comes to catching crappies. Ask the employee at your local baitshop which ones work best on your local water. The Cubby Mini Mite has always been my favorite on just about every body of water where I have fished crappies. Make sure that you buy lots of jigs if you intend on using them.

6) Small sinkers: You will also want to have a nice supply of small "split shot" sinkers. These are small devices made of lead that clip onto your line between the hook and the bobber. They are designed to weight your bait down in the water column. I have seen a lively minnow swim on top of the water with a hook in it. This will place him out of the strike zone of most fish. You do not want a minnow swimming on top of the water, a sinker on your line will not allow this.

Crappie fishing has always been one of my favorite springtime activities. They come into the shallow water by the thousands and are ready to bite! You have been given a list of some of the essential crappie fishing equipment you will nedd inorder to make your fishing more sucessful. So next year in the springtime, grab your family and head to the nearest lake for some great crappie fishing!