A lot of homes today are being constructed with gas fireplaces instead of the traditional wood-burning fireplace because they are much more convenient, safer and cost-effective. A gas fireplace is ready almost instantly because of the fundamental style. You simply flip a switch or push a button and voilà, you're all set. The really fun part of owning a gas fireplace are the very interesting accessories that you can get for them.

Natural Gas Detector - Because gas fireplaces depend on natural gas pilots and not timber to fire up, it is crucial that you have a gas monitoring system of sorts. Your gas fireplace might be connected through the same gas source as your stove or work on an entirely separate system. In either case, you need to keep a supply of leakage detector fluid handy. It is relatively affordable and very simple to use. You simply spray the fluid all-around the fixtures and connections, if you see bubbles you have a gas leakage.

Mantel Protector - This is used to do just as the description states, protect your mantel. Heat rises and therefore it's understandable why mantel guards would be an essential accessory to have when you use your gas fireplace. Mantel guards are simple to install and keep. Once you have it set up, your mantel will be protected from excessive heat deterioration that could occur along with frequent and long use of a gas fireplace.

Ceramic Logs - These types of logs are available vent-less or vented. You need to confirm your requirements before buying. Vented ceramic logs are better suited for home owners whose gas fireplaces are built in the same style as a traditional wood-burning fireplace. This means, not only is the fireplace attached to a gas line, it also has a hearth and flue.

Vent-less ceramic logs must be used by property owners that don't have a traditional fireplace but wish to feel the same level of stunning beauty that a gas fireplace offers. Vent-less ceramic logs are much reliable than the vented ceramic logs as their design has more safeguards in place. For instance, they continuously measure the amount of oxygen in the air and their sensors will respond if something is detected.

Andirons - Andirons really help to set the stage for your gas fireplace. They are where your logs will rest. Since they differ in size and form, make sure that your logs will fit into the andirons snugly before purchasing.

Hearth Rugs - Hearth rugs are one more fantastic add-on to your gas fireplace. These rugs are well designed and can be found in many elaborate patterns. The majority of hearth rugs are smaller as compared to area rugs because they are really designed to sit directly in front of the fireplace.

Glass Doors - Glass doors can be found in different shapes and styles. You should buy the kind of door that appeals to your present decor, while also looking for one that will give you the best heat sheilding.

Dimmer Buttons - Dimmer buttons are used to increase or decrease your heat levels in your gas fireplace. You could find dimmer switches in fan kits. The dimmer works together with the fan to blow greater levels of warmth or lower amounts of warmth, depending upon your requirements. This device is very handy for those who like to control their heat. You can use with your remote device to make sure that your temperature stays stable.

Timers - You can even buy timers for your gas fireplace that will ignite upon your arrival home. All you have to do is follow the instructions and set the timer.

Remote Controls - Remote controls are used to turn on your ignition, control your thermostat and pilot. They are really convenient because all you need is available at the touch of a control button.