The fact of the matter is that belly button rings have been very popular for a number of years now. Gone are the days when it would be described as unusual if you saw anyone at all walking around with a belly button ring in full view. On the other hand there are far too many folk among us who are only too happy to show off parts of their body which we would rather not have seen by showing off their belly button rings.

It is not that wearing belly rings is anything particularly new, at all. Belly rings were used in the Middle East for many centuries and in the modern world have long been part of the typical belly dancers atire. It was perhaps because of the trend for belly dancers to wear belly button rings that spurred the trend in the last part of the previous century towards everyday use, and despite nearly twenty years having passed since they were first introduced it seems they are still very much in fashion. Indeed a number of very hight profile celebrities sport belly button rings including dangle belly button rings and even gold belly button rings.

What Is Good About Belly Button Rings

You cannot get away from it; there is something very stylish these days in wearing belly button rings. You do not have to look far to find a popular celebrity who has one; models too. Belly button rings can be seen on people of all shapes and sizes on television and in magazines. And what is popular with celebrities tends to get followed by the rest of society.

If you are lucky enough to have a well toned stomach then there can be few things more effective in showing off your midriff area than a belly button ring. They attract attention to an area of most peoples bodies that were previously not really seen and certainly not adorned with jewelry.

There are many ladies around who would quite happily attest to being more confident and feeling more attractive with their belly rings fitted and on display.

What Is Not Good About Belly Button Rings

Having addressed what the positives relating to belly button rings are it is worth spending some time considering factors relating to the wearing of belly button rings that are less attractive. The first and most obvious issue is that you run the risk of getting an infection any time that you pierce a part of your body. The evidence is strong that belly button rings are associated with quite a high risk of infection.

Another problem associated with belly button rings, assuming that it has been applied effectively that it is surprisingly difficult to keep the area clean and free from infection. Perhaps it is because the belly typically spends much of its time under the cover of clothes, which can raise moisture and temperatures and be a haven for bacteria.

One significant con to having a belly ring is the fact that the piercing process can be extremely painful and not only that but until the wound heals properly it can rub quite painfully against any clothes that you do need to wear.

Another factor few people consider when initially getting their belly button pierced is that once in place your belly button ring can protude uncomfortably and you do run the risk of it catching on items of your clothing and being pulled out, which can result in a nasty injury.

If you are diabetic then before having your belly button pierced you should definitely seek medical advice as having an open wound may indeed create unpleasant complications.

Finally, and it needs be to be said, some bellys shouldn't be on display at all and if belly button rings encourage this then they cannot be a completely good thing.

So as you can probably tell that there are both good and bad reasons why belly button rings are either to be embraced or avoided. The choice is yours. Perhaps the only thing you can console yourself with is that if you do have your belly button pierced and get a belly button ring then you can always change your mind later and the only thing that will show is a small scar.