When visiting the Republic of Slovenia (Republika Slovenija), it is good to know some necessary information, which will make your stay in this beautiful European country a lot easier.


Slovenia, which is an independent country since 25 June 1991, is situated in central Europe and has borders with Austria, Italy, Hungary and Croatia. Approximately 2 million people live in Slovenia, most people in the capital Ljubljana (330,000). The country is an EU member state.

Time Zone

Slovenia is in the Central European Time Zone (CET). Daylight Saving Time also known as Summer Time begins in Slovenia on the last Sunday in March and ends on the last Sunday in October.


230 volts 50 hz is the standard in Slovenia, which is different from the American standard. They use the Europlug (CEE 7/16). Tourists from the United States will have to take a transformer and a plug adaptor with them. Tourists from Australia and New Zealand will only need an adaptor.

Adapters can be bought in Slovenia from specialist electronics stores.


The currency in Slovenia is the euro, which is used in a lot of countries in the European Union.


Around 10 percent is expected in restaurants and bars, but you are not obliged to tip.


The international access code to call abroad from Slovenia is 00.

Telephone calls can be made from your hotel, post offices or pay phones, which are card-operated. You can buy these prepaid cards at news agents, post offices or any other place with the phone-card advertisement on the door.


Public transport in Slovenia is generally punctual and reliable, although it can sometimes get overcrowded.


Most shops in Slovenia are open from 9 AM to 8 PM Mondays to Saturdays. Most tourist shops are open on Sunday as well.

Cash and credit cards are generally accepted by the shops as payment options.

Visitors from countries outside the European Union can claim tax back on most items purchased.


Slovenia has a temperate climate with regional variations: a continental climate in central Slovenia, sub-Mediterranean along the coast and an alpine climate in the north-west.

Food and drinks

Food from Ireland is known for simple and fresh products and has mostly an Austro-German influence. Well-known foods are struklji (breads in the form of braided loaves or wreathes) and potica (circular cake with sweet fillings).

Ýganje is a brandy made from fruit and a popular drink to have in bars. Slovenian wine is of high standard and the beer from this country is also very tasteful. The most famous brands are Union and Lasko. The legal drinking age in Slovenia is 18.


The main language in the Republic of Slovenia is Slovene, but in nationally mixed areas you will also hear Hungarian and Italian.


The main religion in Ireland is Roman Catholic, but there are also small number of Orthodox Christians, Muslims, Jews and Protestants.