A Tanzania Safari Adventure 

A Tanzania safari is a special and unique holiday that you won’t ever forget. Translating from the Swahili word for “travel,” a safari is a great place to put your worries aside and concentrate on the amazing adventure awaiting you. However, it is always a good idea to equip yourself with enough knowledge so that you don’t get caught short during your break. Read through all the information that your tour operator may give you and don’t be shy about asking any questions before you go. Arming yourself with enough essential information will leave you to simply enjoy the abundance of wildlife and scenic beauty on your Tanzania safari, which is, after all, what you came for.


You may picture the route to a Tanzania safari as an endless journey in a small plane, squashed with other travellers, but nothing could be further from the truth. Daily flights arrive in Kilimanjaro International Airport, along with airlines such as British Airways landing in airports in the south of the country. The majority of Tanzania safaris are fully inclusive of transportation, most commonly via guide-driven open-topped jeeps. It may mean dusty clothes for the occupants but the lack of roof on the vehicle results in excellent photography opportunities while travelling around parks. If you are looking for the most time efficient travel, then taking internal flights will allow you to cover a large portion of the country in a fraction of the time.  Of course, there is always the option to hire a car and embark on a self-drive safari. This leaves you free to dictate your own excursions and schedule.

Luxury Accommodation

Accommodation on your Tanzania safari can basically be matched to meet your requirements. If you book through a tour operator they will offer and talk you through the numerous choices on offer. If you are looking to organise your trip on a more independent basis you may want to look slightly more thoroughly into the lodgings on offer. The Serengeti houses lovely rustic tented camps and luxury lodges, or you may want to consider the possibility of joining a mobile camp to follow the animals on their Great Migration. You will find hotels and safari lodges in Ngorongoro, Arusha and Tarangire National Park, along with more friendly camps. Your Tanzania safari will be what you make it, so travel in the easiest way possible and stay wherever suits you best.