With new technologies entering the software development market, it may seem that the old programming languages will soon make way for the new ones. However, whereas Cobol ceased to exist and C stepped aside for its successors C++ and C#, only Java seems to remain steady and strong in the long run.

A good software developer will always seek the chance to learn Java, not only because it is one of the strongest OOP (Object-Oriented Programming) languages alive, but because it can be a great language to start with when learning the art if software development. In addition, with incentives like abstraction (data will be hidden for less complexity), polymorphism (components can be cloned but remain different) and other premium features, learning this language is a plus point for any developer.

A great thing about Java is its extensiveness. If you want to learn Java, be forewarned as there are no limits to what you can learn. Core java, which is the basic Java syntax, can be memorized and learned easily. However, the challenge comes ahead if you plan to implement your expertise on the web, as core Java won't provide you with many options. To be able to create efficient web applications, you will have to take a Java J2EE training course.

During a Java J2EE training session you will learn to develop multitier enterprise applications. Whatever applications you make, these will be based on standardized, modular components. These components will have a set of services to manipulate them, thus reducing the complexity of the programming. Some definite examples of what you will encounter are Java Beans (JB), Java Servlets and JavaServer Pages (JSP).

In most cases, Java J2EE training can be part of a Java open source training session. Typically open source training courses are delivered at software companies which want to enhance its developers' skills, however, such courses are available via the internet as well. In both ways, open session training will be quite beneficial for the modern software developer.

So, if you seek a challenge with no boundaries, learn Java and discover the breadth this language takes