Long Distance Relationship
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They always say long distance relationships never work. Being far away from your significant other is very daunting. No matter how hard it may look your relationship is still worth fighting for. It will be difficult but definitely not impossible. You just need to make a commitment and make small adjustments with your loved one. Here is a list of long distance relationship advice that you can follow to maintain a happy relationship.

Make an effort to communicate with each other every day

It is necessary for you to maintain and establish an emotional connection since you are not seeing each other every day. It doesn’t have to be in-depth or long talks. What is important is that you made an effort to get in touch with him/her. Let your partner know about your little victories and bloopers of your day. Ask him or her about their opinion on something you plan to purchase. This will make them feel that their thoughts are still important and considered.

Create a schedule and work around it

Do your best to get in touch with each other even if one person is busier than the other. If you are on a tight schedule and need to call at a specific time, let your partner know in advance so that the opportunity to talk is not wasted. Be flexible with your loved one’s time.

Learn to trust

Trust is very essential in any kind of relationship. Be faithful, and learn to avoid placing yourself in situations that can tempt you to cheat. Don’t be too clingy and let your partner have a little space. By doing this your partner will not feel stressed and it will definitely build trust in your relationship.

Stay connected with the right apps and technology

The last thing you want on a long distance relationship is massive mobile bills. Before your partner goes away think of free apps to keep in contact like Whatsapp, Skype or Viber. There are alot of free Wifi hotspots these days so whoever is away from home no longer has to pay for excess mobile data usage. If you must make an actual phone call there are mobile plans that let you make unlimited calls at a capped rate if both of your mobiles are with the same company. Keep a look out for these deals it will save you alot of money down the track. 

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Don't be cryptic

Your partner is not a mind reader. You could have had several bad things happen to you at work that day and when it comes around to talking on the phone to your partner you may not feel like talking. Make sure to tell them what fully happened and not give them the cold shoulder. It is your job as a couple to make each other feel secure at all times. Try use video chat more than texts or phone calls as you will have a better understanding of what the other person is feeling by their facial expression and body language.

Visit frequently

 As often as your budget allows try to visit often. A relationship will not survive with just a phone call or web chat alone. If you have the opportunity to meet each other in person, take it. Make the most of your time together by going on dates, no matter how simple it may be. Make your partner feel special in the limited time that you are together.

Don’t forget to support each other even if you are miles apart

 Even if you are not with him/her physically, let your loved one know that you support them in whatever problems or troubles they are facing. If they end up dealing problems with on their own all the time they will subsequently not need your help which is never good in any relationship.

In conclusion

Some of these things do not only apply to couples in a long distance relationship but also to those who are also in short-distance relationships. Love, communication, and trust are the foundations of a great relationship. So follow these long distance relationship advice to help you have your happy ever after.

Have you ever been in a long distance relationship? What advice can you give that helped you through this tough time apart? Please comment below.

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