Essential Mountain Bike Accessories

Going for a bicycle ride can be an exciting, memorable, and heart pumping experience; going for a ride on a mountain bicycle can multiply that experience exponentially. Mountain bicycles were designed for any terrain, any speed, and any manoeuvres; moreover, for this reason there are many mountain bike accessories that are available. Some of these promote safety when riding, others promote excitement, and others promote performance. With a long list of available add-ons, it can be hard to pick out which ones are essential mountain bike accessories. This article will do the research for you and provide you with a list of essential mountain bike accessories that should be used with any mountain bicycle for the most effective ride!

Essential Mountain Bike Accessories-A Headlight

This is absolutely essential to a successful mountain bicycle ride in regards to your safety, as well as the safety of others. It has a dual function, in that it allows you to be seen, as well as allows you to see anything that is in front of you; it was placed at the top of this article because it is the most important out of all of the essential mountain bike accessories. Most of the headlights that can be purchased run off of 2 AA batteries and last long enough to be replaced every month or two; however, if you are serious about your mountain bike accessories you can purchase a headlight that uses the power provided from the charge of your wheel spinning. These versions can be significantly more expensive, but you never have to worry about the batteries dying during a crucial moment where the light is needed, as well as part of the extra cost being recuperated in money saved by not having to buy batteries.

Essential Mountain Bike Accessories-A Visibility Light

This can prove to be useful both when you are riding through a forest with your friends, and when riding on the street with other cars. Due to its importance in regards to safety it was placed second on this list of essential mountain bike accessories. This is a light that you can place absolutely anywhere on your bicycle, and acts as a beacon so that you can be seen by others. Suggestions include setting it to the mode that it allows it to flash rather than staying a solid light because it will be more effective in allowing others to notice you. Whether you regularly ride during the day or night, this should be considered one of the mountain bike accessories that should always be added to your arsenal because you never know when it will be needed. Unexpected emergencies occur from time to time, and this visibility light will allow you to be prepared for those emergencies.

Essential Mountain Bike Accessories-A Speedometer

Riding a mountain bicycle without a speedometer is like driving a car without being able to hear or feel the revolutions of the engine. It may seem like a simple gadget that keeps you informed of your top speed and lap time, which it does greatly; however, it can also assist you in having a safe ride and coming home in one piece. One specific example will prove how necessary it is in regards to mountain bike accessories. Imagine that you are riding down a common hill, and you have realized that you have almost lost control of your bicycle due to the speed that you were travelling down the hill at; if you had a speedometer you could have easily recognized the speed, and made sure not to travel at that speed again down that same hill. A speedometer is one of the essential mountain bike accessories because it can be a nifty yet informative tool, as well as provide an extended amount of safety to the rider.

Essential Mountain Bike Accessories-Pedal Straps

These are a hit or miss subject in that some people love the feeling of being secured to their bicycle, and others hate it; exactly how necessary they are in regards to mountain bike accessories all depends on where you regularly ride your mountain bicycle. If you are usually riding on flat grounds that do not involve any water or mud, then pedal straps may be a waste of time, money, and effort for you. However, if you regularly ride on unevenly bumpy surfaces that are wet or muddy, then pedal straps can be considered part of your essential mountain bike accessories list. When travelling on those surfaces your feet can easily slip off of the pedals, which could lead to a horrible accident, and serious injuries. However, these pedal straps secure your feet to the pedals, which will not allow this to happen.

Riding down a trail on a mountain bicycle can be a fun and exhilarating experience; however, there are a few essential mountain bike accessories that should be used with every ride. The mountain bike accessories that can be considered as necessary will differ with every rider's unique situation; this article provides staple products that will suit the majority of riders' situations.