Essential Mountain Biking Gear

Going out riding on a mountain bike can be a fun, exciting, and heart-pumping experience; however, the right mountain biking gear must be worn to ensure that the experience remains safe, and effective. Whether you are simply riding down your neighbourhood streets, or venturing through the bumpy trails of a deep forest, it is absolutely essential that you wear the proper mountain biking gear or the results could be devastating. The items that are listed throughout this article will allow your ride to be a safe and effective one; you can go riding without this mountain biking gear, but the experience will not be nearly as great. Most of these can be found at absolutely any bike store; however, for the best, and most reliable brands be sure to visit a store that specializes in mountain biking gear.

Mountain Biking Gear-A Helmet

This was placed first on the list because of its high priority in regards to the safety that it offers. There is only a small chance that you will fall off of your bicycle when you are riding it; however, there is a huge chance that, if not protected, your head will suffer an injury through that potential fall. Incorporating a helmet in your essential mountain biking gear will ensure that your head is fully protected if you fall off of your bicycle. Helmets come in a wide variety of shapes, colors, sizes, and designs; however, it is the functionality of the helmet that you are wearing that counts the most. Make sure that the helmet will protect you and work primarily, and then focus on its aesthetic features secondarily.

Mountain Biking Gear-Sunglasses

Many people do not like the feeling of wearing sunglasses, and others do not like the look of sunglasses on their face; however, the benefits that one can receive from wearing them have allowed them to be deemed as essential mountain biking gear. The majority of the time that people go for bicycle rides is during the daytime, and most people wait for sunny days to occur so that the ride can be more enjoyable. However, the sun can hinder your ability to properly see where you are going, and the objects that are in front of you; wearing sunglasses ensures that this does not happen, and that you have full vision of everything that you are encountering. When going at high speeds there are also many bugs and objects that can get into, and around your eyes; the use of sunglasses prohibits any objects or bugs from getting anywhere near your eyes.

Mountain Biking Gear-A Jacket

Although many people may dread wearing a jacket on days that it is hot and sticky, it offers them protection for their most vital body parts. When travelling at high speeds, a small fall can leave you with scrapes, cuts, and bruises throughout any of your body parts that are not protected; a jacket is considered essential mountain biking gear because it protects those vital body parts. Any jacket will provide substantially more protection that a shirt or sweater do, but jackets that are geared specifically for travelling on a mountain bicycle offer padding and protection on all of the areas that need them. Wearing a jacket may make you feel uncomfortable, but at the end of the day you can rest assured that you will remain protected in the event that you fall at a high speed.

Mountain Biking Gear-Gloves

Many people swear by the feeling of their bare hands against their handlebars, and the wind caressing their bare fingers. However, those bare fingers are the most delicate bones in your body. Your fingers are thin bones that are only held together by a small amount of cartilage; the slightest fall could easily break 4 or 5 of those 10 that you have available. Gloves are part of the essential mountain biking gear because they provide protection for your fingers, as well as provide you with extra grip on your handlebars for better handling and turning. What is great about buying specific bicycle gloves as part of your essential mountain biking gear is that they have padding around the fingers for protection, as well as have a thin layer so that you feel as if your bare hands are gripping the handlebars.

Mountain Biking Gear-A Backpack

This item was placed last on the list because it is the least important out of all of them. A backpack may be feel heavy, leave you unbalanced, and feel awkward, but it can hold many of the things that are important for a bicycling experience. This object can be considered absolute essential mountain biking gear for bicycle trips that are longer than an hour. Some of common things to put in a backpack while bicycling are identification, a water bottle, first aid kit, and spare set of socks; if you are an experienced bike rider you will know that these will all prove to be useful at one point in your hobby.

Going out for a ride on a mountain bicycle can be a great thing, and provide you with many memorable experiences; however, the right mountain biking gear must be worn so that you can ensure that the experience is safe and effective. No matter where, when, or how you are going out on your mountain bicycle, this mountain biking gear is absolutely essential for a successful trip. There are many variations of the items that are listed in this article, and you should choose the ones that suit your wants, needs, and budget. These are just staples of the most essential mountain biking gear, things can be added or subtracted according to your needs. Utilize these during the next time that you venture out on a mountain bicycle, and you will be sure to come back in one piece, and have had a great experience.