Gout is a form of Arthritis which is a painful condition that affects the joints. Gout most commonly affects the big toe but can occur in other areas of the body. Signs of gout are inflammation of the joint, pain, a feeling of heat, and a red coloration to the affected area.

What Causes Gout?
Suffering From Gout?

Certain essential oils can be helpful for this condition. Most essential oils that work for arthritis will also help with gout but there are a few that work better on gout specific arthritis.

Some words to watch for when researching essential oils for gout are uric acid, purifies the blood, anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic, and painkilling agent. These are all either causes of gout or symptoms which can be controlled.

Basil Essential Oil is known to refresh the skin. It works to control uric acid which is the underlying cause of gout.

Carrot Seed Essential Oil helps to control impurities in the blood.

Coriander Essential Oil is a painkiller.

Juniper Berry Essential Oil helps to reduce uric acid in the blood.

Lemon Essential Oil is an anti-rheumatic.

Nutmeg Essential Oil is an anti-inflammatory, painkiller, and anti-rheumatic

Rosemary Essential Oil is a painkiller

Thyme Essential Oil is an anti-rheumatic agent and has a warming agent which that can help with all types of arthritis.

Controlling recurrences of gout can help to improve the quality of life of those affected by it. The preceding essential oils can help with gout but should be tested before a full scale application is done.

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