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The use of essential oils for mature skin care is an excellent way to develop your own personal skin care line. All you do is learn the different types of essential oils to develop knowledge that will enable you to create blends that meet your specific skin care needs. Granted, it does take some time and research, but the pay off is huge. The best part is that you can use organic essential oils, which are made from all natural grown plants and not tested on animals. This may sound too good to be true, so you might be skeptical until you actually start mixing and creating essential oil blends that work  just as good if not better than any of the expensive skin care products you have used in the past.

All essential oilshave their own properties and are designed to meet a specific purpose or need and each one has their own distinctive scent. These types of oils are used in Aromatherapy to treat all types of physical ailments as well as mental disorders such as depression and anxiety. It's the actual properties of the essential oils combined with their scent that render them so effective. In a matter of minutes a relaxing scent such as Lavender or an invigorating one like Eucalyptus can affect a person's mood and even adjust their attitude if they will make the time to slow down and take it in.

Another reason that essential oils for mature skin are effective is that they contain natural plant extracts that are compatible with our own skin structure. This compatibility makes the blend easier to create as well as helps with absorbency into the skin. It's normal for the body to accept natural products and reject ones that contain chemicals. Our make up is natural so it only makes sense. When shopping always look for therapeutic grade essential oils, since they are organically grown with no chemicals used in processing. They may cost a bit more, but they're worth it. Next, we will look at the role carrier oils play and check out some of the best essential oils for mature skin

Carrier Oils

Carrier oils are also known as base oils and make up 95  percent of the blend. Most essential oils are very concentrated and can be irritating to the skin, therefore, carrier oils are used to dilute them. As you may have guessed organic carrier oils are best just as with essential oils. Carrier oils also have their own properties just as essential oils do, so you will find that knowing what is what with carrier oils is just as important as educating yourself on essential oils and their properties. Always store the oil in a cool dry place or it will turn rancid and as a result become ineffective.

As far as essential oils for mature skin go the most popular ones are Rosemary, Clary Sage, Carrot Seed, French Lavender, Sweet Fennel, Myrrh, Frankincense and Sandalwood.  Carrier oils that work well for mature skin are Jojoba, Sweet Almond, Olive, Evening Primrose and Avocado.

The best advice I can give is to start simple and not try to be a master mixer from the get go. Naturally, there will be some trial and error, but if you do your homework and research their properties you will create a delightful variety of successful blends.

Many people use therapeutic essential oils for massage, however, they're also used for steaming the face and as a perfume or body spray. Once you get started you'll come up with all kinds of uses for your blends, especially since they're formulated for your skin type and needs. You never know it may turn into a hobby or even a business if you get really serious about it.

Essential oils for mature skin care are a wonderful way to add your own creative touch to a skin care regimen. Not to mention all the health benefits that essential oils can bring.

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