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Many people are attracted to essential oils in Australia because their history with at least four well known essential oils goes back hundreds of years with the aborigines people. The top four most effective essential oils native to Australia are:  Lemon Myrtle Oil, Australian Sandalwood, Tea Tree Lavender Oil and the Tea Tree Lemon Scented Oil. It’s important to understand why essential oils in Australia are so powerful, particularly those native to the country. It’s because these plants and trees grow naturally in this country with a rich history in medicinal effectiveness. Be careful with buying  essential oils which are grown in artificial environments or aren’t native to its original country of origin. Sure, you get a cheaper price for the essential oil – but its effectiveness and what makes it truly special has been invariably stripped away when you look for the absolute cheapest and not the most effective.

You get what you pay for, should ring true in all essential oil instances.

Let’s take a look at each Australian essential oil:

Lemon Myrtle Oil (Backhousia citriodora)

The lemon smell in the lemon myrtle oil has been described as deep and robust. In fact many say that it has a much deeper lemon smell than an actual lemon. It also has been well regarded as more effective than the powerful tea tree oil in regards to its antimicrobial properties. Australians typically use lemon myrtle oil to cook with as well. Lemon Myrtle Oil can also be used in soap, dish detergent or in any product where disinfectant uses are needed.

Tea Tree Lavender Oil (Melaleuca ericifolia)

The tea tree lavender oil is one of the essential oils in Australia native to the western part of the country. As the word lavender in the name would suggest, this tea tree oil has soothing and relaxing properties (which help you get a good night's sleep)  that go along with its antimicrobial characteristics, it’s also well regarded as an anti-inflammatory essential oil also. This means that tea tree lavender oil could also be used to reduce swelling on the skin due to a bug bite where swelling is a problem.  Some of the best and current uses for this essential oil is: soap, shampoo, dandruff and message oil.

Tea Tree Lavender Oil is among one of the most effective natural sleep remedies.

Australian Sandalwood (Santalum spicatun)

The Australian Sandalwood is one of the most unique in Australia in that it is considered by the Australian government to be a renewable resource; therefore it is tightly regulated and controlled. The upside is that price hasn’t been driven up because of current government regulation. Like the tea tree lavender oil, this essential oil also has aromatherapy and anti-inflammatory effects particularly where skin infections are an issue. Australian Sandalwood’s common uses are perfume, hand soap, muscle injury, antiseptic cream and tinea infection.

Tea Tree, Lemon Scented Oil (Leptospermum petersonii)

This essential oil mirrors the properties of the lemon myrtle oil. It’s also well regarded in being far more powerful in its antimicrobial properties than just the regular tea tree oil. The top note of lemon has been well regarded as invigorating with an uplifting aromatherapy property.  This essential oil in Australia is often used for incense, antiseptic, insect repellent, oil skin treatment and to gargle with when you have the common cold.