So you’re setting off to snowboard down the slopes and practice your manoeuvres, but have you got all the clothing you need to protect yourself from the cold? If you aren’t entirely sure, it’s probably best to look through your gear and see if you need anything new. If you are missing anything or there are items of clothing which are badly damaged, then you will hopefully have time to get replacements or new items in place and packed before you head for the snow.

With the correct gear, you will not only stay warm, but you will also be safe and feel confident to head out on the snow. The last thing you want to do is get there only to find out that an item of clothing no longer fits you or you don’t have an important item of snowboarding gear with you. So which forms of clothing and equipment do you need?


Snowboard Jackets

Your jacket is very important as it helps to keep your body warm. The weather on some snowboarding holidays can be very cold indeed. Although the sun may shine during the day, when it starts to set and you call it a day on the slopes, you will soon notice the sub-zero temperatures. Therefore, make sure your jacket fits properly and all the zips are working. If it’s in poor condition, or you don’t have a jacket to start with, then be sure to buy one before you go. Additional features will include internal pockets, a hood and extra lining, so choose a jacket which fits in with your requirements.


As you're going to be falling in the snow from time to time, you need a suitable pair of pants. Cheaper or worn pants will only allow the snow to soak through to your legs. Therefore, find a pair which includes the correct lining and material so the snow can brush off and not soak through to your skin. In this instance, it’s also worth finding pants that are flexible and don’t restrict your ability to move on your snowboard, allowing you to complete jumps and freestyle runs with ease.

Hats and Gloves

From falling in the snow, to holding your board, gloves will help to keep your hands warm. A suitable beanie hat will also keep your head warm and if you have long hair it will keep it in place whilst you are snowboarding too. These two items can make a big difference when your snowboarding session comes to an end and you are making your way home. If your jacket has pockets inside, you can also store your gloves and hat if you don’t want to wear them at any time.

Additional Protection and Support

Whilst all of your clothing will keep you warm, if you want to add more protection, you could use wrist guards, padded shorts to go underneath your trousers or a helmet. You won’t want to break any bones whilst in another country, so sometimes it’s better to be safer than sorry by having the correct gear.