Welcome to the second part of Essential Survival Items, a look at all the things you need to survive in the wild and why you need them. If you have not yet read it, please check out Essential Survival Items - Part 1 


Camp Fire - Essential Survival Items


Essential Survival Items - Part 2 of 2



Condom - Essential Survival Items

Condoms have many other functions besides their designed purpose and you would be surprised how useful they actually are. Firstly they are great for carrying and storing water, they can be used to dress a wound and keep it dry and sterile or can double as a sterile glove to tend to the wound. Condoms are very useful for storing and keeping important items dry and can also be used to cover the barrel of a rifle to keep out unwanted dirt and debris. They can be blown up to use as a bobber whilst fishing and due to their strength and elasticity can also be used as a tourniquet or fashioned into a catapult.




Tampon - Essential Survival Items 

Another of the unusual and more surprising survival items is the tampon. Compact, sterile and super absorbent, they can be opened up and used as dressing for a wound or used to temporarily plug up any holes you may have suffered. Another great use for a tampon is as a water filter, pouring water through the tampon will filter out all the dirt and sediment and leave it ready for the next stage of boiling or adding some potassium permanganate (as discussed earlier) or a purifying tablet.

When pulled apart, tampons also make for excellent fire starting tinder and catch easily with a little spark or flame.




Flashlight - Essential Survival Items


You want your flashlight compact, powerful and waterproof. Durability is of the utmost importance when choosing a flashlight. Use it sparingly and use other sources of light when readily available. The battery compartment of your flashlight can double up as a waterproof container for a few matches etc.



Mess Tin

Mess Tin - Essential Survival Items 

The mess tin is your kitchen on the move, basically a cooking pot, a pan and plate all rolled into one. A light and handy sized tin usually made of aluminum. Use it for boiling or frying food, making soups or broths or for purifying water.





Wire Saw

Wire Saw - Essential Survival Items

A good wire saw will allow you to efficiently cut through wood and other materials with relative ease meaning they are an invaluable tool for shelter building and other camp craft while in the wild. They take up little to no room in your survival kit and enable you to easily cut at different angles and in awkward locations. Another advantage of the wire saw is that they can be strung between the ends of a stick to make a bow saw for bigger cutting jobs.



Clear Plastic Bags

Strong, clear plastic bags, especially larger trash bags, are an essential item. They will allow you to obtain water in various ways. You can use them to carry, transfer and store water from a water source, but be careful not to overfill the bag and risk splitting it. You can also set up your plastic bags to catch rainwater.

If you are not near a water source and you find yourself with sunshine instead of rain simply secure the plastic bag around the branch of a tree or bush. The tree will then produce water for you through the power of transpiration and condensation.

Other great uses for your plastic bags include shelter making, wearing it as a poncho or keeping your pack or any belongings dry.



Water Purifying Tablets

Their name speaks for themselves, these tablets are used to purify water by eliminating viruses and bacteria making them essential for your survival. Drinking contaminated water will cause stomach disorders such as diarrhea and typhoid, both of which can prove fatal while out in the wilderness. Adding a purifying tablet per every liter will provide you with some safe water for drinking. Filter the water to remove any sediment.  




When it comes to alerting people to your presence or signaling for help, nothing is better or easier to use than a good loud whistle. The sound of a whistle will travel far and is easily heard and recognized over most other background noises.



Portable Solar Charger

Portable Solar Charger - Essential Survival Items


Goal Zero Adventure Kit - Essential Survival Items

An excellent item to keep all of your electronic devices fully charged and ready using only the power of nature.

Portable solar charging systems such as the Goal Zero Guide 10 are small, compact and ultra lightweight and can charge any of your devices or recharge AA or AAA batteries for use in a flashlight or any of the other things you may need to survive in the wild. Simply attach it to your backpack and let the sun do the rest. Amazon are currently doing the awesome Goal Zero Guide 10 Adventure Kit at an unbeatable price. Definitely one of the most essential survival items for the modern-day survivalist.

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