A decade ago I would have said I will never embrace mobile technology; now I find that I am inseparable from my Android Tablet PC and it is essential technology when I am not at home. I have worked with smartphones for a long time but it has never empowered me to work away from the office as much as a tablet computer and I am going to tell you just how easy it is to take your office on the road as well.

What is a Tablet PC?

A1CS FUSION5 XTRA Tablet PC(105083)You might have heard the term tablet, iPad or Android before and wondered what it is. It is inevitable that you will have heard about the incarnations of the Apple iPad and other devices in the loosely defined genre of the Tablet. A tablet computer is literally just that, a computer, that looks like a tablet; it is a touchscreen device that lets you do most of the tasks that a lower specification computer already provides but without the need for a physical keyboard.

There is a range of tablet computers that run from the budget tablet like the A1CS Fusion5 Xtra I own to the expensive from popular mobile brands like Samsung and Motorola; and the Apple range of iPads which are considered by some as the pinnacle of mobile tablet computing and already on it's third incarnation since launch in 2010, which sold three million units in less than 3 days[4591]

Why a Tablet is Essential

In the modern world it is almost impossible to ignore that everything is done faster, harder and cheaper; employers have exploited the use of the mobile smart phone technology and other devices to increase the workload of their employees[4592] and the tablet computer is small enough to be portable but powerful enough to allow you to research on the train or write a presentation in the cafe-bar.

Just like the rise of the mobile phone made it easier to keep track of staff out of the office, so does laptops and tablet PCs allow the staff to work harder when commuting between appointments.

I find that my Fusion5 Xtra tablet PC is essential for me to be able to juggle my workload. I write articles like this one when I am not at my paid employment; when I am commuting on the train, when I am at home sat on the sofa, when I am on..... well; when I can. I am using it now to type this on the touch-screen using time which would otherwise be wasted looking out of the train window; the gentleman in the row in front is a lawyer and is writing an e-mail on his iPad, needing information to help defend his client in court. To him that iPad tablet is essential to be able to get out of the office and home to his family at the end of the working day; the technology allows him to work on the train (although I question the ethics of writing about defence cases in public view) to complete his working day and pack more work in, earning him more money.

What A Tablet Can Do For You

The limit to what a tablet computer can do for you is all down to how far you want to push it's specifications. I know that on my modest budget Fusion5 Xtra tablet, it has a processor limited to 1GHZ. That is about the same size processor as the Intel Atom processors used in netbooks and you can expect to be able to use the Internet for most of your surfing needs including more intensive tasks like streaming TV programs on BBC iPlayer.

If you are researching for writing articles like I do then you might want to search news websites, YouTube or browse scholarly reports saved as PDFs. You can then write your articles on text editing software or straight into a web-browser, or if you use WordPress for your blogs through the WordPress app.

The Google Play Store on the FUSION5 XTRAMost tablets come with a variant of an "app store" which allows you to buy (or get free) and install applications specially tailored for your tablets operating system. We won't digress into operating systems, but be aware that a few; Windows RT, Android and iOS (Apple) are the popular ones.

Installing new apps is relatively easy on tablets because the operating system is designed to do most of the work for you; again something we won't specifically go into here, but Google Earth, WordPress and Amazon Kindle are all popular ones that are available for free.

Why My Tablet Empowers Me

Just like my defence lawyer above, my tablet PC allows me to push further and work at times when I would ordinarily have to wait until I am at home. If I did not have a tablet PC it would be impossible for me to write and have the opportunity to work for myself, trying to push away from the rat race of employment (I actually enjoy my employed work, but that is beside the point) and into self-sufficiency.

If you want to use more of your "dead time" to better use, is it time for you to buy a tablet PC and use it to sign up to InfoBarrel, writing in your spare time to make a little pocket money? or researching the latest trends to further your employment prospects in your workplace? or even to read the latest news just before you get into the office to impress your boss! I now use my tablet to update my blogs and websites that run on WordPress; and even keep up an exact shopping list with my wife so that either of us can go shopping without warning. Things which would have been impossible a few years ago.

With a good range of tablet PCs to suit every budget it has never been easier to try new technology; even if you buy something at the cheapest end of the scale and then need to upgrade a few months later. My tablet computer has empowered me to do something for myself to earn money, it has become my essential piece of technology.