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You can spend lots of money buying good, quality sets of automotive mechanic tools. Still, you can just start with the most essential tools for any DIY car maintenance. However small it might be, your tool set should be acquired based on quality. It will actually be cheaper and more economical in the long run. They are able to last longer, deliver useful service, and help you to save thousands of dollars during their service life. This guide will assist you in choosing the necessary tools to equip your toolbox with, so you can commence saving and maintaining your vehicle as soon as possible.


You will need them for lots of your maintenance and repair jobs. Wrenches help you to easily remove and install all sizes of bolts and nuts. Get a good set of metric and standard sizes. Include in your first set a few line wrenches. They will assist you in removing and installing all types of systems' lines from your vehicle without doing damage to their retaining nuts, keeping you from having to make expensive replacements.

Ratchets and Sockets

Ratchets and sockets assist you in removing and installing bolts and nuts much faster than a regular wrench in lots situations. The addition of a spark plug socket, universal joints, extensions and a couple of ratchets of different sizes will make of this kit the most multipurpose and useful one in your box.

Screwdrivers and Allen Wrenches

Select a good set of Allen wrenches and screwdrivers as well. Allen wrenches will assist you when working on special parts such as knobs, gears, pulleys and brackets all around your vehicle. Screwdrivers are available in Phillips, standard, Reed and Prince, clutch and Torx head configurations. It is good idea to include a couple of each type.


Your set of pliers should consist of the slip joint, diagonal cutting, rib joint, vise grip and needle nose type. You will a lot of times need them in order to hold, cut, bend and grip all kinds of parts and materials during different maintenance projects.

Other Essential Tools

Besides the floor jack, jack stands, and the tire air pressure gauge, include in the list a hammer, most specially the ball peen type. It has a flat face for striking and a round face with which to work on and shape metal components. Then, add one or two adjustable type wrench sizes, pipe wrench, set of chisels and punches, hacksaw, pry bar, and mirror probe to help in carrying out inspection behind components you cannot get to.

Organizing Your Tools

Finally, buy a medium size toolbox. This tool will help in keeping your other tools properly organized. Put into consideration a box with two or three different compartments or sections and a carrying tray. The tray will save you some time by letting you carry with you only the required tools for each specific job, even when you are required to crawl under the car.


As your car maintenance tasks begin to grow, you will have the need to add some power and diagnostic tools to your collection as well. The essential tools that are listed in this guide, however, will get you off to a good start. However, as you commence your tool collection, remember that you will get what you pay for. Quality tools are much more durable. They are efficient on the job, and most times come with a guarantee. Use them the right way and they will help you maintain your vehicle in very good condition and on the road for several miles to come.

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