Essentials For Camping At Bonnaroo 2011

Things You Need At Bonnaroo 2011

The Bonnaroo 2011 lineup is not out yet, though more and more Bonnaroo 2011 rumors are circulating as we approach the lineup release date (that is as of yet unknown, but many believe to be February 14th). While at the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, you camp for the entire weekend in a makeshift campsite. There are several essentials that you need to bring with you for your adventure in the music festival, and without them you could suffer greatly financially or physically. I will list and give reasoning for several different items you should include in your camping at the Bonnaroo Music festival 2011.

Bonnaroo Camping

This year will mark my fourth consecutive year of attending Bonnaroo. Every year, I seemingly forget several different things that I should have brought for the trip to make camping easier. I tend to forget several things, and if this is your first year to the festival, you may find yourself unprepared. Several different things can be added to make your Bonnaroo camping experience much better during the 2011 festival. I've never attended the Coachella Valley festival, however these same camping essentials may be very helpful there as well, as I assume it's very essential (and though Coachella is sold out, it is still possible to attend, as I explain in an article I wrote about how to get tickets). These are all essentials that you want to remember to bring that will make your stay at music festivals a much better experience.

1. Extra Gas Can - This should be top priority. It's very likely that your car can run out of gas while at Bonnaroo, or even while in line to enter the festival. It's best to bring an extra gas can so that you will be prepared if your car runs out of gas. Last year I waited in line for 14 hours with my car running before we were able to get into the Bonnaroo campgrounds. During that wait, several people ran out of gas and had to push their cars quite a long way to the nearest gas stations. Several left their cars abandoned until after the festival was over. Also, running out of gas is a possibility within the festival, as many use gasoline to run their cars so that they can receive electric for phone chargers. Bring an extra gas can in case the worst happens. This is a main essential you need for the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival 2011.

2. Sleeping Cot - I personally find the cot to be the best method of trying to sleep at Bonnaroo. Tents turn into ovens in 90+ degree heat of early morning, thus making it impossible to sleep at all once the sun rises (which it tends to do very early). With a cot, you are sleeping outside and not confined to the crazy heat of a tent, the wind blowing on you. Of course there should be a tarp above the cot to protect you for shade, you are not concealed in the heat of a tent. Sleeping out doors on a cot is the best method of sleeping at Bonnaroo and is a must-have camping essential. Sleep is very important as the festival, because you want to be rested enough to experience as much as you can without being tired. The best way to get a good nights rest is to sleep on a cot at Bonnaroo 2011.

Sleeping Cot

3. Food, Water, & Beer - These are all essentials that you need to bring to Bonnaroo 2011. These items are purchasable within the festival, however they are outrageously expensive. A case of beer can stretch up to 40 dollars, a simple hot dog can be purchased for around 6 dollars, and bottled water is usually around 4 or 5 dollars. It's a quick way to drain your pockets if you don't bring your own food, water, or beer. The outrageous prices can definitely be avoided if you bring your own meals and drinks. A lot of water is needed, as it is very easy to pass out under the intensity of the sun. Be prepared and keep nourished and hydrated for Bonnaroo 2011. It is essential that you remember to bring these for your camping experience. (note: be sure that you don't bring any glass bottles into the festival, as they will be disposed at the gate)

4. Rain Poncho - Be sure to bring a rain poncho when attending Bonnaroo. This can save you and keep you comfortable, as it tends to rain on the farm. This will help you keep from being soaking wet all day if it decides to rain. There is nothing worse than being caught in a driving rain storm without some sort of protective covering while you're trying to enjoy the music of your favorite bands or artists. They can be purchased at the festival, yet they are also overpriced, and typically you can find a rain poncho for around one dollar in several stores. It is good to carry it with you everywhere you go throughout the festival and is a necessary essential for the camping at the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival 2011.

Rain Poncho

5. Portable Music Player - This is an essential that gears more towards the entertainment aspect. A lot of time at Bonnaroo is spent around the campsite in the early mornings or maybe late at night. A portable music player for your iPod or CD's can be brought to give you more music than the music that you experience within the festival. Sometimes it's good to sit around your campsite in lawn chairs and listen to music while you wait for the next band that you want to see. If you are able to play guitar, a guitar would also be a good addition. It can help make your day more enjoyable if you start out by listening to music in the morning. Bring a small stereo and enjoy your own campsite music. A portable music player is a fun essential for camping at the Bonnaroo 2011 Music And Arts Festival.

Bonnaroo Camping 2

I hope all of these ideas will help you have a much better experience at the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival 2011. They should help make your camping experience more enjoyable at the music festival. I hope all of these suggestions turn out to be extremely beneficial, and keep you from making some of the same mistakes that I've made in past years at Bonnaroo. Overall, these essentials will make your Bonnaroo camping experience much better.