1. Music Stands Enhance Practice Sessions

Whether you're practicing on your own, with an ensemble, or with a garage band, music stands are essential for a quality session. With your sheet music or books clearly displayed at eye level, you and your group will be able to stay on the same page and get the most out of your practice. If there are any inconsistencies or problems, you'll be able to quickly pinpoint the trouble spot, go back, and rehearse that particular section until you get it just right. And being able to look at the music throughout your many practice sections will help with memorization for concerts or other performance situations where you are expected to play without your sheet music as a guide.

Manhasset Symphony Stand

Manhasset Symphony Stand

2. The Right Music Stand Can Improve Performances

Playing in front of an audience can be nerve-wracking for some musicians, but a reliable support can alleviate this. Whether you're playing solo in a recital, or as a part of a symphony orchestra, you'll be able to have the confidence that you'll be able to easily read your music, turn pages as needed, and make a positive impression during your performance.

3. Versatile

It's easy to find a music stand to fit your needs because they're so versatile. Will you need to transport it to band practice or to a recital hall frequently? A collapsible stand is easy to transport from Point A to Point B so that you'll never be left without it. Be mindful, though, that folding stands are generally not able to support the heavy weight of a thick book as well as a cast iron stand. These stands are available for a more permanent solution and are excellent for school music departments, religious facilities, and home studios. 

Choosing the Right One

You may think that any music stand will do, but it's important to choose the right stand to fit your needs. Here are a few things to consider.

  • Height Adjustable - Be sure to find out if your stand is height adjustable, and how high or low the stand can be maneuvered. By choosing a stand that has a wide range of height possibilities, you can use your stand in a variety of situations - whether you need to sit down to play your instrument, or if you are standing.
  • Angle Adjustments - Are you able to adjust the angle of the stand? This is important, as you want to feel comfortable as you play your instrument, while being able to clearly read your sheet music.
  • Clips - If the air conditioner kicks on in the middle of your performance or a draft crosses the stage, you don't want your sheet music to fly away. Be sure to look for a stand that allows you to secure your music with a clip.
  • Pencil Groove - For performers like to make notations on their sheet music, it's smart to find a music stand that provides grooves or ridges at the base of the display area where you can keep a pencil at the ready.

By following these tips, you're sure to find music stands that will enhance your musical pursuits.