Your Business Won't Survive the Web without These:

  • Domain Name: First things first, creating a strong domain name that is not only catchy, but accurately portrays your business is vital to the success of your business online.  Try to register a .com address (as this is the most popular and easiest for people to remember) and try to use a title that will help increase your rankings like the title of your company, keywords, etc.
  • Website Design: Because your website is the face of your company online, it is important that your website be well-designed, easy to navigate and professional looking.  A poorly designed website can hurt your online image which is why this is one portion of your online business that you definitely don’t want to skimp on.  Hire a professional to make you a custom website that will take your business to the next level.
  • Secure Transactions: If your company deals with monetary transactions online (such as using PayPal), it is important that you protect your customer’s private information by using a secure connection to encrypt their credit card numbers before being sent across the internet.  These secure connection certificates verify your company’s identity and will help make your customers feel comfortable purchasing from your company online.
  • News Bulletin: Keeping your website full of current and up-to-date information regarding any promotional offers, company changes, upcoming events, etc. will not only give your website the fresh edge it needs to compete online, but it will keep your customers coming back as they will begin to rely on your website for the latest in company news.
  • Marketing: Once you have a website, now comes the very important part of marketing it online! Bring more traffic to your website by promoting it everywhere that will allow.  Social media is a great avenue to bring more visitors to your site – Facebook, Twitter, social bookmarking sites are good ones to start out with.  Put your website on all of your customer communications, emails, business cards, on your vehicles, blogs, etc.  You want everyone to know about your website and to visit often.  As your website builds in traffic and credibility, you will begin to see your online business flourish!
  • Link Building: Maintaining a positive reputation and ranking well for targeted keywords is essential to achieving online success.  By using link building services to create a strong back-link profile with relevant and accurate information about your company, you are building your company’s credibility and online reputation - giving you a more dominant online presence and a greater number of potential customers.