Estate Antique Engagement Rings:

A Cool Ring Alternative

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So you're shopping around for a diamond engagement ring hey? There are literally hundreds of thousands of options for new rings out there; it can be a bit overwhelming! Did you know there is an inexpensive, eco friendly way to find a cool and totally unique ring for your sweetie? Estate antique engagement rings are an excellent choice for all of the above reasons. Estate antique engagement rings are cool, unique, and easy on the planet. Did I mention that they generally look really great too?

This article is all about how you can find and buy estate antique engagement rings, and why you might want to do so. Antique setting engagement rings will really tell your beloved that you searched high and low for a unique option for them, and they always carry a really cool story. 

Learn more about the ins and outs of estate antique engagement rings in this article!

Estate Antique Engagement Rings:

Why You Might Choose Vintage Antique Engagement Rings

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There are a lot of factors that might drive you to purchase estate antique engagement rings, and everyone has their own reasons for making such a choice. However, there are a couple of popular reasons for this that almost everyone can get behind, and I'll list them here. 

Eco Friendly Engagement Rings

Eco friendly engagement rings are very popular these days, and for good reason. Everyone is aware of the environmental impact our lifestyles have on our planet. Why not reduce that load? Estate antique engagement rings require no extra burden on the planet: the gold has already been mined, the diamond already shaped, and the craftsmanship has already been done. Estate antique engagement rings are eco friendly to the core, and that's something you can be proud of.

Totally Unique, Vintage Antique Engagement Rings

Estate antique engagement rings are completely and utterly unique. You'll likely be hard pressed to find a duplicate, and as they get older the chances of the ring being a one-of-a-kind piece increase dramatically. You can go to a ring producer and get the same design that a hundred thousand other people are already sporting, or you can go with a unique style that no one wears anymore! Estate antique engagement rings will really make the wearer feel special, cherished and one-of-a-kind.

Sentimental Value and History

You might want to get an estate antique engagement ring for the sentimental value attached. These rings have been through history. If you're buying a vintage ring, especially one that dates back to the earlier part of the last century, you're buying something that has come through time and still shines. You might want a ring like this because it reminds you of a long deceased loved one, or maybe just because it's a throwback to a different time. Sentimental value is powerful, and these rings have a lot of it!


It could also be mentioned that prices can be significantly lower for estate antique engagement rings. They are used, and will need a bit of work get them back to 100%, but this is usually fine because the price will be a bit lower!

Estate Antique Engagement Rings:

Where Can You Find Them?

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So where can you find estate antique engagement rings anyway? The name comes from the fact that many of these rings come from an estate sale, where someone has passed away leaving behind lots of jewelry and other stuff. Often it is too painful for the family to have to deal with all this stuff, so an estate sale is organized to give the pieces new homes. 

Obviously, by this logic the best way to find an estate antique engagement ring is simply to attend an estate sale and try to pick one up yourself! This is the hardest way to come across one by far, and you'll likely be searching for a while! 

Some jewellers will deal heavily in used or vintage antique engagement rings, so you might want to look and call around locally for a dealer who would have this kind of inventory. You'd be surprised how common it is, vintage jewelry is on the upswing lately. There are a lot of online jewellers that will offer estate antique engagement rings for fairly reasonable prices. The only drawback is you don't get to see them firsthand. 

You can also try your luck and troll various antique shops looking for something in the jewelry cases. The best bets are the more high end shops, but you can occasionally find a 'gem' in some of the smaller, mom and pop places. 

Keep in mind with estate antique engagement rings, you're likely going to have to pay for a cleaning and a refurbishment to get it back in tip-top shape again. This is usually OK, because the price for antique rings is generally a bit lower to reflect their worn condition and the work that will need to go into them to get them ready to present. 

Good Luck!