Estee Lauder Youth Dew was created more then 50 years ago by one of the most captivating women of all time. Estee was a woman who knew that women wanted to feel beautiful on the inside and out. She created an amazing line of fragrances, cosmetics, and skin care products that have been at the top of the best selling items for years. With Estee Lauder Youth Dew, she wanted to transform fragrance into something that could be worn every day.


At the time of its creation, fragrances were only used by women for very special occasions. Small bottles of the stuff could cost as much as a month's salary for many people. Estee did not believe that this was the way that it should be. She wanted a scent to be any accessory that any woman could put on before she headed out of the house. She created Youth Dew.


The First Sale


The first time that it was attempted to get a store to carry Estee Lauder Youth Dew, it was turned down. Yes, you read that right. A fragrance that has captivated the minds of women every where for over 50 years almost never made it to market. The owner of the store turned down selling this item. Well, Estee was a sales person of such a high caliber that she came up with a plan. She spilled a little bit of this wonderful scent in the store. Pretty soon the shoppers were demanding where they could purchase this fragrance. And so the legend was born.


Estee Lauder Youth Dew Eau de Parfum Spray


This is your basic item in this amazing line of fragrance. It has been described as being an Oriental spicy smell. What most can agree on is that is truly wonderful. This spray has always been one of the most affordable of the entire Estee Lauder line. This was created this way on purpose.


Youth Dew Bath Oil


You may be surprised to find out that the first item created for this line was the Youth Dew Bath Oil. It is a simple way to scent your bath and there for scent yourself. You can also use this oil as your fragrance. Dab a little behind your ears or on your wrists for any extraordinary experience. Another way that you can enjoy this product is by treating yourself to a luxurious manicure. Place a couple of drops into a warm dish of water and allow your nails to soak in it.


Youth Dew Deodorant


The Estee Lauder Youth Dew Deodorant is very gentle on your skin yet it is effective as far as controlling unwanted smells. Did you know that the deodorant that you use every day could be the cause of your fragrance not lasting? It is true. Deodorants are designed to neutralize all odors. The product can not distinguish between good smells and bad ones. Youth Dew Deodorant will help to get rid of the bad odors will leaving a light fragrance on your skin.