The Law of Attraction has received a lot of attention from media, the internet, talk shows and motivational speakers and many who have heard of the creator are asking how to apply Esther Hicks Abraham teachings in their lives. The originator of the Law of Attraction, Esther Hicks claims that spiritual being(s) known as Abraham speak through her and from them came the teachings. There is no one way because there is no single goal in ever life but the article below contains some simple steps that may set you on your way.

Things You Will Need

An Open Mind to Try a New Way of Thinking

Step 1

The first and most obvious step is to read the Law of Attraction, study the Abraham-Hicks teachings, try, and fully understand the concepts behind it, particularly those concerning you attract what you think about. This is the basis of applying the Law of Attraction and the Abraham-Hicks teachings to daily life.

Step 2

Once you feel you understand at least the outline of the Esther Hicks Abraham teachings then you can begin to formulate a plan to become what you think. There are sections intended to inspire you and empower you and this is one of them. You should choose your goals and focus on those things you wish to become or want to happen rather than those things you wish to avoid.

Step 3

Put your goals into action, which is thought, since the Esther Hicks Abraham teachings focus on positive thought and attraction of what you think about to you. Write down your goals and then begin to believe you deserve them and they are coming rather than focusing on the negative.

Step 4

Keep a journal that tracks your progress in applying the Abraham-Hicks teachings you will find writing down your thoughts and feelings proves helpful in showing how far you have come. In addition, jot down the positives that have come from practicing the Esther Hicks Abraham teachings. These teachings focus on emphasizing your control by what you think on your happiness and those around you. Write down even the smallest of positive gains toward your goals and celebrate them. There are many other practical was to apply the Abraham-Hicks teachings to your daily life but you can start with these.
 Applying the Abraham-Hicks teachings may not be immediate as you work to overcome established negative or non-productive ways of thinking, but applying these concepts and persistence in your efforts will make it easier in time.

Tips & Warnings