Estroven Reviews: Why a Compilation Review is the Best Review

The Internet has revolutionized how we buy things, and one of the biggest reasons is reviews. In the past, when we wanted to buy something, we had to ask our friends if they had ever used it before. If not, we had to buy a subscription to Consumer Reports or, gasp, trust what the salesperson told us.

But now, we can just type in “___ reviews” and get feedback from people around the world. It’s awesome, because can reap the benefit of others’ experience. Many times a product that sounds good in theory just doesn’t work in practice. Well, by checking some online reviews, we can avoid that pitfall.

But there’s a downside to online reviews, which is this. Companies know they’re out there. They know we read them. And many of them want to take advantage of them by skewing the reviews in their favor.

Take Amazon, for instance. I love Amazon, and I always read their reviews before buying. However, have you ever noticed how many products have 4-5 stars on Amazon? You rarely see products with a 1-2 star average. Part of the reason is because companies hire people to write good reviews for their products. (Just like authors get their friends to give good reviews to their books.)

And what about those “review sites”? You know—the websites whose sole purpose is to review a certain product? Well, I hate to break it to you, but most of those pages are completely biased. They’re either created by the company itself, or they’re created by an affiliate of the company (someone who earns a commission by selling you other peoples’ products.) In either case, the end result is the same: you think you’re reading an objective review, but in fact, it’s skewed toward selling you a product.

Of course, not all reviews are fake. But some of them always are. And that’s why a compilation review like this is the best kind of review out there. Because the more reviews you take into account, the more accurate a picture you’re going to get. So without further ado, here come the Estroven reviews!

Estroven Claims

Estroven claims to provide relief from hot flashes and night sweats, symptoms associated with menopause. Estroven supplements contain vitamins D, E, and B, and calcium. They also contain something called black cohosh and soy isoflavones.

Estroven Reviews from Amazon

The most popular brand, Maximum-Strength Estroven, got 4/5 stars on Amazon from an average of 43 reviews. Here’s the breakdown:

22 *****

9 ****

5 ***

0 **

7 *

Some of the notable comments:

“I gained 30 pounds while on the Effexor [for menopause symptoms cause by chemotherapy]… I tried estroven and was amazed at how quickly it stopped all of my menopause symptoms.” (Sounds to me like a natural product like Estroven is superior to harsher prescription drugs.)

“It took two months to kick in but when it did, it worked like a charm.” (After that much time, how can she be sure that estroven is the cause of her relief?)

“98 caplets is misleading…with the ESTROVEN maximum strength, you have to take two tablets at one time.” (Always pay attention to the serving size when comparing prices.)

“Within 7 days, I was sleeping soundly all night long and the hot flashes were gone. No weight gain. It was awesome! Then came my period... It was so heavy, that I was soaking a super pad and super tampon every hour--- for 4 days! I called the nurse thinking I was dying, and she said, ‘It's most likely caused by the estrogen...’” (Yikes—side effects!)

“I have been faithfully using this product for 7 weeks now and notice zero percent improvement in my hot flashes in the day and the night sweats at night. Last night was the worst I have ever had.” (Doesn’t work for everyone!)

“I was up all night wide awake due to this. I read online later some comments about the fact that it contains caffeine.” (Any number of things could have been keeping her awake.)

“Only Worked For About 2 or 3 Week” (Maybe it wasn’t working in the first place; her relief during those weeks could have come from something else.)

Wellesley Women’s Institute Review

These guys gave Estroven 3/5 stars. Their issue is that while hot flashes can be caused by low levels of either estrogen or progesterone, Estroven only addresses the estrogen side of the equation. In other words, if low levels of progesterone is your problem, Estroven won’t work for you.

Hot Flashes Treatment Review

These guys also give Estroven 3/5 stars. They say that it’s okay, but they prefer Femerol.


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